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Mobile - Anti-Theft commands and more options to block call/SMS

  • 29 February 2012
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Is there possibility to send any anti-theft SMS commands? If so, can you list them all?
I mean for instance something like to call stolen phone silently, to deny phone setting access, to send a call/SMS log from stolen phone etc. I know that I can wipe, scream and lock my phone via webroot web account but I cannot find anything about possibilities to send SMS commands to have more options in the case my phone is stolen.
Secondly, can you enhance "block call/SMS" a bit more? I mean to add possibility to make groups, to set time and date when particular groups will be blocked etc.

5 replies

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This is good content that would be better placed in the "Mobile App Ideas" area of the forum.
The only current commands are lock, scream, and wipe.  I'll bring up your suggestions as feature requests for you.
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I agree! I have moved this over to the Mobile App Ideas area of the community. Thanks for the idea, pegas!
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Thx JimM for taking my suggestions for consideration by your team for future product updates. I hope you will give them a green light and they can be put on a to-do list. If that's case, could you kindly let me know they were accepted?
Thx CatB for moving the thread to the right community forum section. I meant my points rather as questions but I didn't realize that they are in fact ideas.
I have to say that I tried a few security suits for Android and your WSA is the simply best, indeed. That's the reason I paid for the premium. Moreover it was quite logical step for me because I am a long-term closed beta volunteer tester of WSA for computers. You actually "have acquired" me together with Prevx :D
WSA is having regardless on version (mobile or for computers) an absolutely cute, smart and well-arranged GUI and its security features are the one to be beaten by competitors. Fortunately they can never do that 😉
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Hello all at Webroot!
Can you kindly inform what is a status of my suggestions? I elaborate a bit ;) ... I don't know how it goes in Webroot internally but anyway I suppose that there is a team who is evaluating customer's ideas/suggestions and are deciding whether ideas are worth to give them a green light and are assumed then by R&D to implement them.
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Hi pgas,
So you can customize your lock screen message already. So, for instance I could put in there, if found please call, or e-mail https://mailto:___@__.com
Getting logs for calls made etc... Hopefully the device has been locked so no calls can be made. Also, the security minded would put in place a password and/or pattern lock on their device anyway.
However, in saying that, the logs being made available is doable, and a good feature request.
Keep them coming
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