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  • 12 November 2018
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Anti-virus and Password Management sync'd across PC/Mobile devices are now fundamental requirements for Personal Security today. Efficient, convenient user interface is also a fundamental requirement. SecureWeb browser extends Webroot Password Management functionality to Andoid phones and severely compromises the user interface.
Android and iOS emphasis 'button' navigation over browser search. Merchants mobile apps replace websites, which can be conveniently stored in user-defined folders to provide simple, quick and easy navigation without the use of a browser. Many modern browsers enable a 'button' to be created for a webpage so it appears like an app that can be stored in the same user-defined folders.
The SecureWeb browser must be used for password management. The Vault password store has no facility to copy passwords (afaik) and the browser does not support storing webpages on the home page outside SecureWeb (as a button).
Consequently, all navigation is through SecureWeb and the Vault (where I need to logon with a good, memorable pw) to get to a textual list of all the merchant sites I want to interact with. This has the following impacts:
  • Merchant apps cannot be used
  • Button navigation (graphical, one click) and folder organisation is lost
  • An extra three clicks is required to get to a mobile website
  • The site list is textual, small with limited management 
  • Some merchants insert a notice on mobile sites to use thier app (+ click)
  • The browser search bar is always on taking up space
The request is to have a solution that has frictionless integration of the password management function with mobile apps as well as mobile websites.

2 replies

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Hello Cooltone, 
Excellently stated and I couldn't agree more.
I hope the Developers take heed of these necessary improvements that you have suggested with the Password Management.  It is indeed IMO certainly not very user friendly with the  mobile devices. 
@,  can you chime in here when you get a chance? @? And any others to support these improvements  or add to them?
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Any word on when the Ajax error will be repaired ?