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More control of Personalised Security Report and other IPM

  • 15 March 2014
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Just heard back that this one is under consideration by the product management team. I'll update when they've made a determination.
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Whey hey...that is excellent news, Nic...many thanks for following up on this. :D
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Thank you Nic, this is great news!Beth
Thanks nic, hopefully it's a little more than being considered, since I've been considering switching back to my previous AV solution just to get rid of this problem.
Either provide a way for me to view this ONLY WHEN I WANT TO. Never NEVER  force me to look at  this again!
Or loose me as a  customer.
Simple as.
I thought I was done with this and now it is back.
At every boot up of my computer.
Just like a virus.
You are offensive! STOP IT!  I should NEVER hear from my AV unless there is a problem!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't like this popup and I don't want to see it EVER AGAIN~!!!!
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On my Windows 8.1 system, the popup causes Windows to switch to the desktop mode by itself, even though it's configured to boot to the Metro start screen.  Seems like Windows switches to the desktop if a desktop-only notification pops up.  Very annoying.
Yes, please fix this ASAP. It is very annoying to have to cancel this message each time I open my computer. I would prefer to never see this message but I would be okay if it popped up once a month or so. It also MUST be able to be canceled by the user. It is annoying enough that if it is not fixed I will not be renewing and will use another security program that allows me some control over what I see. Thank You. rm3
'Under consideration" Means "We are ignoring you" Doesn't it? I just got another popup..
WHY! I told you not to do that to me anymore! I told you to stop!
WHY are you still doing it???!!!
I don't EVER want to hear from you unless there is something wrong!!
Do you get that yet? I am OFFENDED!
How do I uninstall your program? I am tired of your intrusive popups!
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SpiritedTreasure: Please understand that any Ideas that are brought into Consideration generally are waiting for 1) additional user feedback requesting the feature and/or 2) Dev time in order to work on the Idea.  (The Devs have a busy schedule of already planned features and updates, so at times new ones from Ideas may take a while for us to see.)
I have a feeling that any other AV suite will offer you more pops than does Webroot but if you are wishing to remove WSA at this time it is quite easy to do so.  (Of course we really hate to see anyone do this!)
Click Start
All Programs
Webroot SecureAnywhere
Uninstall Webroot
You can also uninstall via the Control Panel, Programs.
You can also remove WSA by logging into your Account Console
PC Security
Click the PC in question
No they do NOT! I had Norton before and never got a single popup unless there was something WRONG!!!
Webroot is the ONLY Anti Virus that has EVER done this to me!!
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I will not argue with you, and we all have our own experiences.  My own experience has been that WSA has provided the best protection and fewer pop ups and notifications.
Anyway, please see my above reply for removal directions if that is your desire.
I registered specifically to add my support to this suggestion.  I've had Webroot on my computer for a few months now and have had no complaints with it until these popups started within the last week or so.  It is severely irritating, and if I'm not allowed to turn them off I will not be renewing my license.
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Cheers plw85, as they say over here 'Every little helps'  ;)
Exactly the same opinion as plw85.
Seeing as it has been several months since the creation of this feature request and no response from development (or at least I am still receiving this pop-up consistently), this is evidence that future issues will take a significant amount of time to rectify in general.
Speaking from a developer's perspective, I suspect that fixing this would require a low level of effort.
I appreciate your efforts, Baldrick. I'm moving on to other providers, but I hope all goes well in the resolution of this features request.
I have used Webroot for several years and this phenomenon has changed in the last two weeks.  No matter how many times I view the report or click the close button the popup stills appears at every bootup.  That did not happen in the past, and it does not happen on my wife's computer.  This is really annoying because I am a home user who does not leave my power hog computer running when I am not using it. I may bootup several times a day since I am a retiree.  No, don't suggest hibernate because I have not been able to get it to work ever since I installed Windows 8 a couple of years ago, and then upgraded to 8.1.  Hibernate did work on this computer with Windows XP Home.
Adding my voice to the crowd - please fix this annoyance.
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Hi sgalper
I believe that this is Work in Progress.
Regards, Baldrick
I hate this feature. It is so annoying and what's more it does not appear to go away after reading the report, because I have tried that. 
That  webroot would think this intrusive popup was in any way a good idea to  implement calls into question the judgment of the product dev team. 
Everytime I turn on my computer I am annoyed at webroot, to the point where I want to unninstall the product and never go near it again. That is now what I associate the brand and logo with- lack of control, instrusive popups on my personal computer, interference, annoyance.
Get the hell off my desktop webroot!
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We've got a fix coming for this in the next version, if all goes well.
This pop-up has been showing up for over a week now.  Obviously I'm not the only person irritated by this program.  What's wrong with Webroot that it continues to annoy its customers?  If this doesn't stop soon I will be going back to AVG.
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@ can you confirm the fix is still coming?
Daniel 😉
So hey, not sure how many other people have reported this, but I'm actually having an even worse problem with the Personalized Security Report popup.  It's not just popping up every time I log in, but rather it'll pop up, I'll dismiss it, and it just pops up again a few seconds or minutes later - particularly if I try to interact with any other part of Webroot at all.  I've had it pop up for me five times in a single session.
So whatever logic it's using to determine when it should appear seems to not be working properly on my computer.  I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, and my security updates are up-to-date.  I tend to leave my computer on for long periods of time because I run a security camera monitor on it.
Definitely would like a way to turn that thing off or have it simply provide an extra icon in the System Tray.  The popup is nice just once in a while, but it's happening way too frequently for me.
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Hi KieferSkunk,
For the Security Report prompt,  rebooting your system...that sometimes does the trick.
Hope this helps,
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As far as I know it is still on the way.
Yesterday this popup caused my fullscreen game to minimize. It's a connect 3 game, it could have been a disaster, but I wasn't holding down the button to make a connection at the time. I don't want to have to turn off my antimalware just to play a game.