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More control of Personalised Security Report and other IPM

  • 15 March 2014
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It seems to be taking a very long time to resolve a simple matter. I can see why WR would want to let users know that their product is actually doing something but that really only applies to those users who 'set and forget'. For those of us who like to keep an eye on what WSA is doing, there is no need for the pop up and there should definitely be a way of turning it off, or at least reducing its frequency to once a month or so. Anyway another Kudos to you Baldrick and let's hope it gets sorted soon. Nemo
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Society arrives late again. Many thanks ? for a crystal clear posting. I have not needed to read such a topic until I got a nagging pop up today and@nic sent me here. Kudos my friend. 
My vote goes for being able to disable the report altogether. I hate pop-ups, and did actually ditch my former AV because of such a "feature".
It can be enabled as default, no problem there. Just give me the option to turn it off. 😉
yeah this needs to be configurable. i personally would like it only to show if there is a concern on one of the managed computers. hanks
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Require option to disable this feature!
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Well I have never seen this report more then once and that's usually after a reinstall. But I feel for those who get the consistant report.:(
Just adding my 2 cents worth. On one desktop running Windows 10 the "Your Personal Security Report is ready" message pops up several times per day, even without restarting. This is despite my having clicked on "See the Report."
PLEASE Webroot, give us a setting to close this annoyance and the option to TURN OFF the notification. This mars an otherwise excellent product.
Listen to your loyal customers!
This popup message comes up every day whether I view the report or not. I don't want this message and we should have the facility to turn it off.
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? and ? please Kudo the Idea at the top left!
I do not want my users to interact with Webroot unless there is an actual problem to be dealt with. There is no need for anyone but me to see the reports. There is confusing and distracting to those that just want to use the machine. Please give me the ability to turn off any popups that are not specific issue related.
Please implement a check box to disable "Security Report" notification.
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Until recently I thought that this issue had been resolved as I had not seen a pop up for months. I did see an occasional link to the report in the bottom left panel of the GUI which I thought was an ideal solution.
Today however I have had it pop up twice in two hours! I did a reinstall last week which may account for today's activity but it would be good if this matter could be properly sorted once and for all.
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And there in is the problem Nemo, I have not seen hair nor hide of the Security Report popup for 6 months...the whole things seems to be very inconsistent to say the least. :(
I've had this notification popup and minimize the game I was playing several times.  It recently happened yesterday so I clicked it hoping it would go away and then it happened again today.  It's extremely jarring, it makes me get a black screen and freezes for a few seconds when a high FPS game is minimized like that.
I've read complaints that dated from a few years ago and it's still not fixed, and only "under consideration" by the production team?  Like others have said it needs an option to be disabled completely.  I'd rather just get an email saying my security report is ready.
Luckily I'm still within the 70 day money back gurantee.  Will be issuing a refund and using something else.
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In principle it is unacceptable for paid-for security products to force self-promotion on the user. That's a line that is etched into concrete (not just drawn in sand) by the fact that the user has paid for the product.
When a consumer pays for functionality, they're also paying to get out of advertisements, privacy-invasive data sharing, etc.
To put it another way, Webroot, DON'T BECOME AVG!
(Give both users and administrators the ability to completely disable all types of self-promotion, including the "personal security report" which is really "don't forget about us! we're great! tell all your friends!" spam).
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I am afraid that I disagree with you about the self promotion angle...it is far from that IMHO.
It is attempting to provide a service and just being somewhat cackhand about how it does so...And Webroot is way, way, way, way, way, way off being anywhere near AVG.
A cursory Google search, and a reading of comments on this thread, shows that, apart from some mildly positive comments by some Community Leaders, every single feedback on this feature is negative. Just taking the last two comments:
"Luckily I'm still within the 70 day money back gurantee.  Will be issuing a refund and using something else." (and a sizeable proportion of posters to this thread say that they will be abandoning Webroot for another AV due to this feature)
"it is unacceptable for paid-for security products to force self-promotion on the user." (And I agree with this last comment. What is more, speaking of "self-promotion" ironically I have found the Security Report to be inaccurate!!*)
None of the above is a good advertisement for an AV. Surely after 2½ years of "under consideraton" and seven pages of negative remarks on this Feature Request thread (not to mention the number of negative threads opened on the Community Forum about this feature), it must be finally time to come to a decision about it???
* And unfortunately interaction with Webroot Support did nothing to resolve this problem.
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Personal Security Report still popping up. Repeatedly. Annoyingly. Uselessly. Showing that Webroot is more interested in self-promotion (regardless of Baldrick's opinion, as evidenced by Muddy7's reply).
While it would be so very easy for Webroot to give us a user- and administrator- configurable "don't show the personal security report pop-up" option.
Very sad and disappointing, what this says about Webroot's incorrect priorities.
Looking at it from my professional rather than personal point of view:
My mother would be an ideal candidate for Webroot SecureAnywhere. She needs security provided in a conservative, heuristic based "Generally assume that change might be dangerous" way of working.
But I could not install this for her; she'd make me uninstall it because of the Personal Security Report pop-up. Intrusiveness is always an indicator of failure in security.
This report is popping up SEVERAL times a day, no matter how many times I click on it. I am of the same opinion as libove and Muddy. This type of thing needs to be disableable, and QUICKLY; or I will NOT be renewing when my subscription expires...this is BEYOND irritating. Especially when there are NO THREATS!
Information pop-ups that are not critical, or even valuable at that moment, should only pop-up when THE APPLICATION HAS FOCUS.and should have a" Disable" input of some sort. I am not paying you to pester or distract me while I'm trying to get something done with my property and to do so is rude, unprofessional and lousy UX design. And the fact that this still hasn't been dealt with - never mind how it made it out the door in the first place - tells me to not renew my subscription this year because this indicates there are some core competency issues that I don't want to deal with when considering software for any security role.
This one failure (of Webroot to provide a means to "turn off" harassing messages) alone will cause me to shop elsewhere for replacement anti-virus software. The annoying in-your-face presentation of the app on system startup (instead of staying in the background, where it belongs) was bad enough, but I was willing to overlook it, since Macs are rarely restarted. If the company is wanting to make sure their name is presented frequently so that customers will know it, then their plan is working -- this annoying message regarding a report I don't care about will forever link the name "Webroot" with "disatisfaction" in my mind.
I see that the post here is dated 4.5 years ago -- apparently I need to forget even holding out that they might fix this error in judgment sometime soon & just start shopping for a replacement right away instead. Anyone have suggestions?
Hey, Geek Squad agent and new Webroot user here. I for the most part am an enthusiastic promoter of your AV program, but after using it for a while I am disatisfied with this unnessisary and unwanted feature being thrust apon users. I don't care wether this feature is available or not, heck I don't even care if it's the default; but please give us the freaking option to turn it off if we want. The fact that people have been complaining about this for 3 years with no answer makes me much less trustful of Webroot as a company and considerably less likely to recomend it to my clients. 
Not only that. When I analysed the results for my computers a few years ago, I found them to be inaccurate!! (Thankfully, I've seen no sign of the wretched report for quite some time now)
PS.  Btw @ 3½ not 4½ years ago 😉
@ -- indeed, you are correct!
Frustration interferes with my math skills :p
I installed and started using this on a new PC and two others since buying a new PC came with a free offer for 90 day free trial up to three PC's.
Was going to buy a subscription because my other security software was spamming offers and reports left and right with no way to turn them off.
If Webroot is gonna start spamming me, interrupting my time, I'll keep the other software.
I ONLY want to be alerted if there is a security risk that requires my immediate attention and requires me to do something the software cannot.. Think most other users will feel the same way. At the very least offer a way to disable reports and respect your customers. If Webroot starts spamming offers I'll just use Windows Security Features cause I'm sick of paying for services and then get spammed asking to sign up for additional services I don't want or need. People can seek out anything else they require.
Be thankful and greatful to your customers, not greedy and needy and listen to them. There are a lot of other options out there.