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More control of Personalised Security Report and other IPM

  • 15 March 2014
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Have noticed  in the Fora that there have been a number of users reporting dissatisfaction at the way that the Personalised Security Report is notified and the control that they have over how it interacts with their systems/themselves, etc.
As a result I am starting a feature request to try to capture this centrally as this is really the place for such views to reside if change is to have a chance of being achieved IMHO.
So common issues that users feel that they need rectified are:
1. Seeing the notification message on every login.  
Suggested that that the frequency should be much more limited (maybe only show the message once per month and that the prompt should disappear by itself if not interacted with by the user after so many seconds.  As it is, the prompt only goes away if you click on "Learn More" (which opens the web page with the stats) or the "X" in the upper right (which closes the window).
So extrapolating from this the conclusion to draw here is the provision of user definable parameters for (i) number of prompts to be shown & interval (in secs) before stopping & (ii) time after which prompt/notification will auto disappear if not responded too.
2. Ability to turn off notification
User defined setting that allows the user to decide whether they are interested in even receiving sucha report, and therefore associated notification (not that I can understand why one would not want too...;))
3. Control to be provided via My Account/Web Console
And one of my own, given the above:
Provision of the above above suggested settings to be handled as another option in the Web Console, very much in the same way as control of the Advanced Settings can be handled that way.  Believe that as the deployment of the report "is controlled by the backend rather than the agent" to quote JoeJ, it makes sense for any new user settings that may be provided to also effectively reside at the backend rather than the client.
Well, I hope that provides a suitable starter for further comments by those who want to make them so that we can see if the feature (which I personally like) can be enhanced.
So please post & comment away, folks...:D
EDIT: To add point 4. (from David's comments below)
Provision of the ability to be able to view the latest/last Report published "On Demand".  Suggestion is the addition of a permanent tool or option, to access this, under the Utilities, Reports tab.  Thanks, David...a very good one!

96 replies

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I hadn't realised that this is an ongoing problem so I posted my problem, the pop-up appearing at every logon, in another place. It's only just started to happen on my Windows 10 desktop PC. My Windows 10 laptop doesn't suffer the same problem.
As this post is 5 years old, I really don't think webroot is listening. Time to shop for a new antivirus. I am messaging support and asking for a refund, as I bought this program thinking it was "lightweight". I want to not notice it is on, not be notified multiple times per day that my garbage security report is available.

Honestly if I hadn't come across this thread I wouldn't be worried about keeping it. But 5 years, Jesus.
I don't understand how such a basic feature ability like turning off a popup notification has to be even requested in the first place let alone still have over five years worth of people asking for this ability.

There is nothing that I can add that hasn't already been said in relation to how annoying and pointless this popup is and the absolute frustration that occures when it takes you out of a full screen application to show such a useless and pointless message.
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Really. In the middle of the online game you gave me this popup? You can't be serious. And I bought Webroot secureanywhere for gamers ...
@ -- indeed, you are correct!

Frustration interferes with my math skills :p

I wanted to find the answer, I found the answer. I have never seen a report more than 1 time.
... for years...
Almost five years now...and counting...
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this isnt very encouraging when I see something that is pushing me very quickly to abandon webroot, is being ignored by the devs... for years...

when your platform is designed to protect you from malicious/annoying software, becomes malicious/annoying software itself.

what a great way to lose customers.
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We all get pinged on from our electronics enough during the day. That is bad. When we can't disable that pop up that is very bad. Fix this annoyance please.

When a change to software initiates a new ping, pop up, whatever that we have to devote time to disabling, that's bad. When we do not have the option to disable that's very bad.

Doing very bad thing to your users/customers is bad business. This whole thing is bad.
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I really want this to be a thing too. It's annoying as hell, it pops up every day (even though i click it to view it). Webroots low impact model, is the reason i chose it, but this is actually to the point where i consider getting something else.

I appreciate the update and I would love to see this feature. I've been using Webroot for a while and overall I like it a lot. However, I can't stand a program that rips focus from what I'm doing to what it thinks is more important. A notification for malware completely warrants a notification that steals focus, but a notification about a report does not warrant that. Just wanted to put my support behind this requested feature as well. Thanks and I hope you have a good day!
Thanks for the update, Lara!
I hope the team will get the message from the overwhelming majority of the posters in this thread that for very many of us, this "in product messaging" is unwanted, unasked for, and feels a bit like spam. Its self-congratulatory (and by using that description, I disagree with Baldrick) tone also makes Webroot feel a bit tacky—which is the complete opposite of what should be happening. By way of contrast, for years before I transitioned to Webroot I used Prevx and Eset and the only intrusions I ever encountered were the rare moments when one or the other informed me of a malware attempting to access my computer that it had zapped or was about to zap.
This latter approach felt to me much more professional. My 2 cents worth (at the pain of repeating what I have already said in previous posts!!).
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The product team is currently looking into options regarding in product messaging, and I have conveyed the importance of this feature. I hope to have more from them soon.
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Hey folks, wanted to update this thread and let you know I'm now aware of this, and pursuing a solution. I know words are cheap, however I hope to provide either a rationale or plan of action here within a couple weeks (the next time I meet with those that manage this property). Thank you for hanging in there!
It's rather annoying how webroot just ignores us users. So to put it frankly.
Does anyone know of a proffessionel suite where I don't need to see such shitty popups all the time? (obviously webroot doesn't fall in the category of proffessionel).
You can't (still :@). Fortunately, I haven't seen the wretched thing for ages.
It's now 2018; and I still get these annoying popups. Has anyone figured out how to stop them?
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Hi EmilyW
We live in hope, and also the understanding that Webroot will always prioritise the development of the protection aspects of WRSA ahead of something that is useful id not of importance compared to protection.
So it is important to keep the feedback, kudos & support for this feature request coming.
I'm not sure if there's any point commenting now, since it's pretty clear after several years of comments that this is not very high on Webroot's list of priorities, but I also would like the option of disabling the popup notification for the Security Report.
It's not that I don't ever want to see it. I just don't want to see it in the middle of my online MMO when it interrupts and minimizes my screen.
Information, even when it's important, shouldn't be forced on us.
after 10+ years of using this software, and 3-4 years dealing with the stupid POPUP for security report, i'm over this simple process to turn it off. For consumers, you dont need to know why we want it off, we just want to the option to turn it off. I have business reason why I will NEVER EVER allow this software in on systems ever again, and it has to do with the notification for reports. 

This  has been an on going forum problem for YEARS! for webroot to not allow the option to turn it off after many posts and years about it, its quite sad.

Even tho they had a partnership with Best Buy - Geek Squad, from where I first used it has an agent in 2005, It just sadden me that this stupid issue will not be address.

Honestly, its really annoying to see the SAME STUPID REPORT every time i turn it off. Not only that, its on all workstations that has it installed.

I've already started the process to remove it company wide.

Enjoy the holidays
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I think that 'it took the thumb away' is the way that indicates that you have applied your kudo...only one allowed so the feature is turned off/greyed out as and when you have applied it. ;)
That is what I am seeing and I ihave also, in the past, kudoed this idea.
BTW -- I tried to thumbs this up and it took a thumb away. So, maybe not use that as a guage as to how many people want this to go away vs. how many people want it. Not everyone who dislikes has the time to come here, set up a log in and post a reply. .
I installed and started using this on a new PC and two others since buying a new PC came with a free offer for 90 day free trial up to three PC's.
Was going to buy a subscription because my other security software was spamming offers and reports left and right with no way to turn them off.
If Webroot is gonna start spamming me, interrupting my time, I'll keep the other software.
I ONLY want to be alerted if there is a security risk that requires my immediate attention and requires me to do something the software cannot.. Think most other users will feel the same way. At the very least offer a way to disable reports and respect your customers. If Webroot starts spamming offers I'll just use Windows Security Features cause I'm sick of paying for services and then get spammed asking to sign up for additional services I don't want or need. People can seek out anything else they require.
Be thankful and greatful to your customers, not greedy and needy and listen to them. There are a lot of other options out there.
@ -- indeed, you are correct!
Frustration interferes with my math skills :p
Not only that. When I analysed the results for my computers a few years ago, I found them to be inaccurate!! (Thankfully, I've seen no sign of the wretched report for quite some time now)
PS.  Btw @ 3½ not 4½ years ago 😉
Hey, Geek Squad agent and new Webroot user here. I for the most part am an enthusiastic promoter of your AV program, but after using it for a while I am disatisfied with this unnessisary and unwanted feature being thrust apon users. I don't care wether this feature is available or not, heck I don't even care if it's the default; but please give us the freaking option to turn it off if we want. The fact that people have been complaining about this for 3 years with no answer makes me much less trustful of Webroot as a company and considerably less likely to recomend it to my clients.