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More control of Personalised Security Report and other IPM

  • 15 March 2014
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Have noticed  in the Fora that there have been a number of users reporting dissatisfaction at the way that the Personalised Security Report is notified and the control that they have over how it interacts with their systems/themselves, etc.
As a result I am starting a feature request to try to capture this centrally as this is really the place for such views to reside if change is to have a chance of being achieved IMHO.
So common issues that users feel that they need rectified are:
1. Seeing the notification message on every login.  
Suggested that that the frequency should be much more limited (maybe only show the message once per month and that the prompt should disappear by itself if not interacted with by the user after so many seconds.  As it is, the prompt only goes away if you click on "Learn More" (which opens the web page with the stats) or the "X" in the upper right (which closes the window).
So extrapolating from this the conclusion to draw here is the provision of user definable parameters for (i) number of prompts to be shown & interval (in secs) before stopping & (ii) time after which prompt/notification will auto disappear if not responded too.
2. Ability to turn off notification
User defined setting that allows the user to decide whether they are interested in even receiving sucha report, and therefore associated notification (not that I can understand why one would not want too...;))
3. Control to be provided via My Account/Web Console
And one of my own, given the above:
Provision of the above above suggested settings to be handled as another option in the Web Console, very much in the same way as control of the Advanced Settings can be handled that way.  Believe that as the deployment of the report "is controlled by the backend rather than the agent" to quote JoeJ, it makes sense for any new user settings that may be provided to also effectively reside at the backend rather than the client.
Well, I hope that provides a suitable starter for further comments by those who want to make them so that we can see if the feature (which I personally like) can be enhanced.
So please post & comment away, folks...:D
EDIT: To add point 4. (from David's comments below)
Provision of the ability to be able to view the latest/last Report published "On Demand".  Suggestion is the addition of a permanent tool or option, to access this, under the Utilities, Reports tab.  Thanks, David...a very good one!

96 replies

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I hadn't realised that this is an ongoing problem so I posted my problem, the pop-up appearing at every logon, in another place. It's only just started to happen on my Windows 10 desktop PC. My Windows 10 laptop doesn't suffer the same problem.
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I really want this to be a thing too. It's annoying as hell, it pops up every day (even though i click it to view it). Webroots low impact model, is the reason i chose it, but this is actually to the point where i consider getting something else.
I registered specifically to add my support to this suggestion.  I've had Webroot on my computer for a few months now and have had no complaints with it until these popups started within the last week or so.  It is severely irritating, and if I'm not allowed to turn them off I will not be renewing my license.
My vote goes for being able to disable the report altogether. I hate pop-ups, and did actually ditch my former AV because of such a "feature".
It can be enabled as default, no problem there. Just give me the option to turn it off. 😉
I don't understand how such a basic feature ability like turning off a popup notification has to be even requested in the first place let alone still have over five years worth of people asking for this ability.

There is nothing that I can add that hasn't already been said in relation to how annoying and pointless this popup is and the absolute frustration that occures when it takes you out of a full screen application to show such a useless and pointless message.
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I am afraid that I disagree with you about the self promotion angle...it is far from that IMHO.
It is attempting to provide a service and just being somewhat cackhand about how it does so...And Webroot is way, way, way, way, way, way off being anywhere near AVG.
A cursory Google search, and a reading of comments on this thread, shows that, apart from some mildly positive comments by some Community Leaders, every single feedback on this feature is negative. Just taking the last two comments:
"Luckily I'm still within the 70 day money back gurantee.  Will be issuing a refund and using something else." (and a sizeable proportion of posters to this thread say that they will be abandoning Webroot for another AV due to this feature)
"it is unacceptable for paid-for security products to force self-promotion on the user." (And I agree with this last comment. What is more, speaking of "self-promotion" ironically I have found the Security Report to be inaccurate!!*)
None of the above is a good advertisement for an AV. Surely after 2½ years of "under consideraton" and seven pages of negative remarks on this Feature Request thread (not to mention the number of negative threads opened on the Community Forum about this feature), it must be finally time to come to a decision about it???
* And unfortunately interaction with Webroot Support did nothing to resolve this problem.
As this post is 5 years old, I really don't think webroot is listening. Time to shop for a new antivirus. I am messaging support and asking for a refund, as I bought this program thinking it was "lightweight". I want to not notice it is on, not be notified multiple times per day that my garbage security report is available.

Honestly if I hadn't come across this thread I wouldn't be worried about keeping it. But 5 years, Jesus.
It's rather annoying how webroot just ignores us users. So to put it frankly.
Does anyone know of a proffessionel suite where I don't need to see such shitty popups all the time? (obviously webroot doesn't fall in the category of proffessionel).
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The product team is currently looking into options regarding in product messaging, and I have conveyed the importance of this feature. I hope to have more from them soon.
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We all get pinged on from our electronics enough during the day. That is bad. When we can't disable that pop up that is very bad. Fix this annoyance please.

When a change to software initiates a new ping, pop up, whatever that we have to devote time to disabling, that's bad. When we do not have the option to disable that's very bad.

Doing very bad thing to your users/customers is bad business. This whole thing is bad.
Thanks to Baldrick for pulling comments on this feature into the right forum.  I am one of the users that had commented elsewhere and would like to note my support for a review of this feature.  Thanks to the developers for considering feedback from the community!
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@Thank you for this very fine Report and Request/Idea....It gets a big thumbs-up from me! ;)
It's of paramount importance that companies must always take note of, analyse, and act upon the perceptions and feedback from their customers.
I have to agree with the OP. Having this come up and stay everytime I log in is unacceptable. I almost uninstalled the whole software because of this. I don't mind it comming up then going away if you either click on the learn more, or ignore it, but it doesn't.
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Hi Walter  @ 
The best way to show support for the idea apart from a positive comment is to give the idea a kudo (by clicking on the big up arrow to the left of the idea title).
(I do not solicit kudos in the support fora themselves...but here as it counts to the ranking and support for the idea I allow myself this little indulgence...;))
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I like this idea, but I would like to add more to it.  I have yet to see this feature, and I really would like to.  I would really like to see it added to be able to view "On Demand".  Would it be possible to add a permanent tool to access this under the Utilities, Reports tab?
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Excellent idea, David...let's make it no. 4 in the list.
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I like that Idea David we will see what @ has to say on that one!
Daniel 😉
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I agree completely, it is a great idea. I had the report show once but I would certainly like to see it on a more regular basis so an "On Demand" maybe the way to go if it could be added.
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Same here I only seen once and I think Joe said it was a monthly thing? But to have it On-Demand would be nice as David said under the Utilities, Reports tab?
Daniel 😉
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And let's not forget the other features requested so that users who, unlike David, are getting too much of the report when it is available, can tailor the notifications to their liking...
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Yes also that for sure Baldrick!
Daniel 😉
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Hello, Yes Baldrick, a big thumbs up for these ideas 
Hi Baldrick,
Thumbs up for the idea!!
Two thumbs up for Baldrick IMHO!
Oddly, it has only been in the past 24-48 hours that I have seen that notification pop up... When was it added?  Or am I truly that pre-occupied that I have never, *ever* noticed it before?