My Settings>Subscriptions & Bookmarks: Delay Receiving Email Notifications

  • 28 February 2013
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I opened a thread this a.m. regarding the delay I was experiencing receiving email notifications of posts to a thread I am following.  There seems to be a problem with the My Settings>Subscriptions & Bookmarks section.
With respect to Email Delivery, there is a bullet point for “Immediate” and “Use default (immediate).”  I thought these two were the same and I placed the bullet point on “Use default (immediate).”  However, I was getting delays of several hours receiving emails on this setting.
After opening the https:///t5/Techie/Delay-Receiving-Email-Notifications/td-p/28620, DavidP came up with the solution, which was to change the bullet point to “Immediate.” I made the change and cured the problem.  Now, I receive emails notifications instantaneously.
Can this inconsistency be fixed?

6 replies

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RWM, this is an issue in lag time with your mail server, as was suggested earlier on in the linked thread. After testing on multiple accounts using various email servers and by changing the settings, it has been determined there is no difference between selecting "Immediate" and "Use Default (Immediate)."
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Jim, I can tell you that the problem in this case was not with my mail server.  No sooner than I switched from "Use default (immediate)"  to "immediate,"  the delay problem was cured.
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Correlation does not always mean causation.  In fact, I suspected the same thing at first for the same reason, but further testing showed that toggling and retesting did not present the same issue.
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Well, whatever the cause, it's fixed.  😃
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I thought this problem was fixed, but apparently not.  I checked with AOL, they ran some tests, and assured me the problem was not at their end.
When someone sends me a PM, I should receive an email notification.  When someone posts to a thread in which I am enrolled, i should receive an email notification.  In fact, I do receive those email notifications, but there is a lag time of about four hours, consistently.
Can this problem be remedied from WSA's end?
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Richard, it's AOL.  I already ran tests on this end which demonstrated it's not an issue on the Community's end.