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Needs better descriptions for unknown firewall block

  • 11 November 2017
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When an unknown application is trying to reach the internet, the following dialog is shown.  
But the information provided is insufficient to act upon - and is very unuser-friendly for non-technical users. I have no way of telling if the file is genuine or malware.  
Even as a technical user, there's very little information in the message for me to act upon.  The best I can do is guess.  How about providing more indepth information?  Maybe create an online lookup table so that other users can show if the file is trustworthy or not?  Show the digital signatire of the file.  
If I block it, and its a valid feature or software update, then I somehow need to find out how to unblock it again.
The dialog also seems to temporarily hand the computer. 
This feature needs a complete useability redesign

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