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  • 8 February 2012
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Is Webroot going to add a network monitor? I see the big thing is having a secured network, but what if the password is compromised? Currently there is no option included in the software for mapping a network, thereby making it difficult in discovering if anyone is piggybacking off the network. McAfee has an option that allows the user to view who is logged in to their network, and I would love to see such a feature added to Secure Anywhere.
What are some thoughts?

3 replies

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Checking with some people internally. A network solution may already exist!
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Hi Rob,
The Webroot SecureAnywhere agent has a great feature for protecting your credentials via the Identity Shield, this prevents an malicious processes from stealing your passwords via the browser. Also, the firewall protection provided will also help prevent unauthorized access to your machine too.
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After reviewing this idea and considering it, the conclusion I had to draw is that most modern routers already have this sort of functionality built into them, so the feature would likely be redundant for most users. Any modern router allows you to plug the router's IP address into your browser window on your computer, log into the router, and see a list of every device connected to it. Nearly all modern routers have an option to perform MAC address filtering as well, so you could limit the connections on your network to the individual devices you want on it and keep anything else from using the network. That would be above and beyond just password-encrypting the network, which you should be doing anyway. So, why not just encrypt the network and use MAC address filtering? I'll be happy to change the topic status back to "under consideration" if anyone would like to explain why that might not suit your needs. Thanks 🙂