NEW IDEA - Option to Clean up De- activated agents

  • 9 July 2020
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We should have an option to clear out the "De-actived" machine's our self instead of asking webroot support.

When machines are set to be "uninstalled" this is mostly done with not enough time for Webroot to be de-installed and therefore the GSM is under the illusion the agent is still "Active".

After De-Activating the device the count is lowerd and therefore no payment, but i'd like the option to delete / remove the "agent" all togheter.     There isn't an option right now.

If im correct this option isnt available even when I remove the agent the way described by Webroot:

Open Site - > Group management -> * Select device * -> Agent commands -> Agent -> Remove.

It still goes to the "Deactivated Group

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