NEW IDEA - use a UID instead of the visual / Hostname as unique identifiër

  • 9 July 2020
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Sometimes device's have an random hostname, as we do have devices wich arent implemented in a Domain, and aren't even installed / managed by us.

I know you are going to say that we could change the hostname of the device then, but this is often not a posibility (sharing through hostname or sheer because we don't manage the device itself)

So the Uniqie Identifiër is now in my example a non human readable entry and therefore I cannot identify these devices in webroot wich gives issue's.     (CSV export / Dashboard are shown in hostname, and so forth)

With this idea implemented, webroot should be able to show an updated hostname as there's a posibilty that the hostname could change.   

When, for example I install a device with a random hostname, then the user changes hostname for any reason and I then I or a collegue change the visible name there is NO way I could trace the machine.

- Better management for me and collegue's
- It'll solve problems with the visibility and reliabilty of the dashboard
- More information to collect (change in hostname and so forth)

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