new trreat page on website

  • 31 May 2015
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hi please can there be a new threat page on the webroot wesite to show new threats and which area in the world has got the most threats at the time. i know there is a threat intelligence page but it be great to keep on top of new threats and where they are coming from.
Thanks Adam.

4 replies

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Hello @,
I just wanted to check with you and see if you are referring to the Management console or our community page?
Yes I am and also on the Webroot website can there be like a tab for it.
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I believe, from discussions that I have been involved with in the past, that this is already on the cards, in the shape of what is currently available from other security app suppliers, etc.
James, you may want to check with Nic re. this.
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This has already been suggested, please refer here for more info.