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New Webroot PDF User Guide Versions

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I would like to put in an Idea Exchange suggestion for  new PDF's User Guides. The most recent is this Webroot Management  from June of 2013
Also this Webroot PDF User Guide for PC from April 2013
And to push the bar here for a Mac PDF?
This would be a great asset for Webroot Consumers and for leading the OP's to a knowlegable way to print or copy information from these newer updated Webroot Manuals.
Can this be done from the Webroot staff of Editors?
 These PDFs are on Goodle Search.
This will be a tremendous help to all of the Webroot users searching the Web.
Does anyone else have any thoughts to add to this? Which are greatly welcomed!
Thank you,

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Hi Sherry, whilst a nice idea I will reiterate what I posted elsewhere on this as I believe that it is pertinent here...
and feel I have to point out or rather ask how many people really use them in all honesty? I save a copy of just about every user manual I can related to not only software but other items too...and if I am truthful I look at them onceor twice, promise myself that this tiem I will make an effort to read the relevamt parts of the document...and never do.
Net result...waste of disk space in my opinion and much better, where possible, to have context sensitive help or user manual text...then one gets the right bit of information at the right time and for the right element of the product they need it for.
Well, that is my take on the subject and oncein plave it is relatively easy to update/keep current.
Regards, Baldrick
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Hello Baldrick,
Yes you do have some valid points here.
My take is I do prefer  to have a Manual to look at concerning my Webroot AV. There is alot of information that goes into one of these PDFs.Valuable to have such information and guidance.
Might I ask you how much room would it take to have a PDF file located on the internet where one can print or follow these articles presented to them. As some people I believe want a Manual of how to use their product and these functions at hand.
Where some people don't like to ask for help. Such as an independent user if you get my drift. There is a need in my opinion for this AV Manual or PDF.
I would leave that up to the consumer whether they read this or not. Some will, some won't but what does it hurt to have it available for the OPs? May I ask? Am I misunderstanding your view?
Best Regards, Sherry
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Hi Sherry
To answer succinctly whilst there is nothing wrong with having a User Manual available they are very much old hat...industry feedback is that they are an overhead that is not worthwhile when one can deliver focussed information to theuser or OP by makinsure they have context sensitive help text/user manual related information provided aboutbwhat they are looking at (some might say struggling witt) at the pointnthat they need it rather than have to search a document where there may be multiple references to the same word or topic but where the guidnace depends heavilybon where they are/what they are looking for.
Don't get me wrong...I am not saying absolutely not (and who the hell am I to suggest that if I did) but rather I think that there are better uses for precious resources that can be focussed on with more return for user & company than user manuals.
Just me thoughts as a counterpoint...;)
Regards, Baldrick
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 Yes please, and thanks Sherry, for bringing this need into focus now.
As I said before at Wilders (to PrevxWebDesigner) in the 2014 Product thread:
   "All in all I'd prefer to be able to have an offline PDF User's manual for the 2014 product, which is apparently no longer available, as far as I know. Thanks!"
Whilst I see the sense in @ and @ 's analyses, I'd add that there are quite a few other PDFs available, so why not have one there, in case some users find it useful, perhaps offline e.g.
2 cents.....
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I personally would not use a printed version, but I do agree with the thought of if it is easier for some users to have it available to print their own... why not make it so they can?
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😃 Who the heck are you?
You are one of our most valuable members which I value your statements, advice , opinions always.
I do agree that I am outdated with the times. I'ts like to ln know where did all the encyclopedias go?:@
Everything for a cost and you are so right about the overhead. And about servicing the OPs with uncomplicated, precise information for the questions at hand. I just wanted to lead one to updated information if asked...
Thank you Sir Baldrick!;)
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@ Sherry is quite correct in that you are one of the most valued member of the Community.  While not everyone may agree with your opinion, your opinions DO always count!
(Personally, I agree with you LOL, I just know a lot of people who refuse to use online manuals.. they just have to have it printed.)
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I have kudoed this idea because although I agree with the previous comments I know some people who if you put a computer in front of them they just do not want to know. They can do their e-mails, go on e-bay etc but are terrified and find it hard. However put a hard document in front of them and they find it easier to understand.
So I think it would be a pretty good idea to give them the option to be able to print it out or not.
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Sherry, you are too kind...and this just what this forum is about...ideas and the healthy discussion of them...and whilst we mainly agree on things on this one I really do not...and will not. But mine is one opinion only and is no more important than anyone elses.
This time I find myself in the minority...well, that's life and democracy...let the Community speak and may the Development Team hear what all say and then make their decision.
Regards, Baldrick
I am late to this party, but I agree that there needs to be updated user guides. Most of us that know the software do not need it, but it can make a handy reference. People who do no know anything about the software may find it very useful though. We have to consider them. 
I think that not only should there be an updated guide, there shoudl be a quick link from the Webroot interface to access it easily. Then you would see more people use it. 
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Hi Nic!
That's great news. Thanks!:D
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Looks like this one is going into the queue to be worked on.
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Hi Nic!
:DThat'll be great to have these new PDF User Guides. That's exciting!!


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