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Foremost I have to say that my idea has born thanks to DavidP who put in to his signature a direct link to open a ticket.
So, credit goes to David. ;) :D
I have noticed that a link to open a support case is available only on the main page of Community on the right side under "Looking For Support?". Unfortunately in other levels/sub-sections of forums there is no a direct link.
I think it would be handy if a direct link would be always available regardless on level/sub-section of Community you are in. We would need to place this link to a part of page that is always displayed. For instance the bottom part of page could be used. See below.

or in the drop down menu "Support" on top of the page or elsewhere it suits the best.

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Pegas gets the credit for this idea... I was just wanting something different and helpful on my sig :S
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David let's agree that you're alike Steve Jobs, it means the visionary and I transform your visions in to ideas 😃
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Ok, I agree to share credit, but I am not the genius Jobs was.  Congrats on 1000 posts by the way!
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I like the idea.
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All they have to is open the main GUI and click on "Click here for personal support if you have Questions about SecureAnywhere" IMO
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Um.. yeah.  I forgot about the link contained with in GUI.  :$
But there are times when the support needed is in installing.
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@ Daniel
You're absolutely right. However I wanted to point out that the direct link is used on this Community site but not in the full scale. Surely you can access suport via WSA GUI but if we admit that the direct link to support is an inseparable part of community/forums we should have it available instantly without a need to click through to get it.
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There are going to be some upcoming changes to the main site that will necessitate some work in the header and footer of the Community. It's possible that the requested link might actually exist in the forthcoming changes. If not, we can see about getting it added. Thanks for the suggestion! For the time being, the community team will always try to include a link for opening a support case any time we refer to the support system.
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Thanks Jim for taking this idea under consideration.
Jim said: "For the time being, the community team will always try to include a link for opening a support case any time we refer to the support system."
I have been doing so and many others have been doing too. :D
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This feature is now in our header under Support on


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