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Option to disable or turn off Back Up & Sync functionality (if not required)

  • 6 February 2012
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Hi there
I was looking for a way to disable or prevent WRSyncManager.exe from running as I am not using or wanting to use the Back Up & Sync?
I , personally,  think that it would be good to have such a configuration option, perhaps in Settings or a slider at the top of the Backup & Sync panel, to allow the user to disable or enable (enabled is suggested as the default) this functionality if, for some reason, they wish it. 
In my view there would be no need to change the Overview panel to indicate the status of Backup & Sync, as it is not currently indicated as a matter of course.
Any thoughts?.
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9 replies

Currently with the Webroot SecureAnywhere essentials or complete packages it comes with the Backup & Sync feature. However for the customers who do not want to use this feature, you do not have to do anything with it. By default we do not install the Backup & Sync feature to the program, the backup part of our program will not activate the WRSyncManager.exe process until you have downloaded the backup feature to the program. So if you set up the backup part of our program and decided that you do not want to continue using it, you can reinstall the software which will remove the Backup & Sync feature from the program the next time you install. You just have to make sure you do not import the previuos installation's settings. You will notice that when you do the fresh installation, the "WRSyncManager.exe" process is not running any longer.

Let me know if you have any questions, thanks for the submission!
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Hi Michael
Thanks for the comment, and that is in effect what I have done but I still believe that this is somewhat Heath Robinsonesque and inelegant when a simple on/off option would do the trick.  I mean, the Firewall fucntionality can be switched on/off...so why not the Backup & Sync one too?
Anyway, not one for me to battle on about.  There is a workaround.  Just a shame to cut a corner on what is otherwsie a superb product.
That is a great idea! If we can get more votes for wanting this type of feature, then I am sure the developers will put an option like this into the program. Keep the votes coming!
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This is now a feature that the Product Team is considering!
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Hi Cat
Many thanks for the update.  That is great news.
Yes please implement this feature. it's silly to have a process/exe running and all the settings available (as well as automatically linking the PC on the website) if the customer has specifically removed that PC previously. Doesn't make sense.
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The product team agrees this is a good idea, and it will be implemented in a future release. Thanks for the great idea! 🙂
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:DGreat news! 😃
Oh yeah, this is a most feature!!
I'm right now browsing how to uninstall this feature without uninstalling webroot!!
And i came to this page!
Thans Webroot to add this feature soon :-)