OS and Browser query?

  • 22 August 2016
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I've looked and haven't seen a request for this yet. If it has already been suggested, then I apologize.
Would it be possible for Lithium to add the ability to have those posting their question on any given topic, that they also be required to check two boxes or drop-down menus; one stating their OS and another, their current default browser.
Just having these two questions already answered ahead of time would be of great assistance to those of us trying to help our fellow community members. 
Please kudo if you agree. Again, if this has already been suggested then please nevermind. :)

5 replies

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Yes this sounds like a good idea ?... it would indeed save some time wouldn't it? 😉
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I think that this has been discussed a long while back in the PUG but that Lithium, at the time, did not offer this feature or that it could not be so configured. Perhaps it has changed and this is now possible?
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I seem to remember a discussion around that.  I can check again and see if that's something that Lithium supports.  Maybe they've added it since the last time I checked.
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Kwell! ;)
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Thank you for this idea and your contribution, however it's not something that we are looking to implement at this time.