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Hi Webroot!
Will Webroot be adding parental controls to their software? I currently use Windows 7 Parental Controls but I would rather stick to an all inclusive security program.
Robert Salazar

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We are looking at incorporating parental controls into both Webroot SecureAnywhere for the PC and the mobile version. It's currently under consideration.
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I hope this is added in the future. I know many subscribers are looking forward to this feature.
By the way, thanks for adding the System Cleaner scheduler!!
Robert Salazar
I would also LOVE to see parental controls for PC -and- mobile. I have been looking into android apps for parental controls and they really confuse me.
hi all i know this idea as been around since 2012 when i just loooked it up but i think there should be something to stop kids and teenagers going on to sexual sites and to protected them on the web. as more than more kids and teenagers are getting bulled and abuse from online people.
i have added some pictures for ideas of what i mean.


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With one Idea for this already open, even though old, it is better to put your comments and images as a reply to that Idea instead of opening a new one.  Old Ideas never die until Webroot marks them closed: the Parental Controls idea is still Under Consideration.  
Give that one a Kudo, and put your notes and images here as a reply 🙂
thanks i keep this up for now and i will add to the other idea when i get round to it lol
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In my honest opinion this is bloatware that the WSA client does not need...let's just allow WSA to fulfill it's primary mission to the best of its ability with out superfluous additions...
i agree with you bladrick but it would be a great idea to add
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Hi Webrooters,
I agree..leave out the bloatware! 😉
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Personally, I think there are a number of very good programs already on the market for this.  I would not want to see WSA made larger adding this as that would reduce how efficient WSA is for those who do not need the controls.
The Dev's do a GREAT job at what they do best, AV, and I just do not want to saddle them down with trying to add what is essentially a new product line to content with.
yeah sorry i wanted to add to the idea from years ago and see what you all think it wasnt really my idea i just added some pics of what i though would be great
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IN theory it is a great idea, and the pics are very well done. The only problem is that it goes against the grain of how WSA has been envisioned: TINY, small, lightweight.  Do the one thing (Antimalware) and only that one thing so you can be the very best at it :)
Really the addition of other functionality has been, I think, the downfall of quite  afew other AV.s  They have become to huge and bloated they gained a reputation of being very very good, but users should expect to have a LOT of time as the computer will be very slow.  Some of the others are starting to see that and are trying to 'de-bulk" now that they see how a lightweight client can be a huge advantage.
ture i see where you coming from now and i like webroot because it works in the background and i am glad to be part of it lol
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Well put, David..the ethos that WSA was built on and championed by Joe, must be preserved.
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Parental Control “Under review” for 8 years now? Isn’t it a shame?! I think every Security software should have Parental control no matter what, expecially Webroot! Developer team are saying that you have a lot additional software, free or paid, to be able to use it. Why should I install another software while I can have it in my Security pack? I mean, it’s called Security anyway and Parent Control secure your kids online. That feature is must have! Do not procrastinate anymore and insert parental control already, please!

Some of the reasons you need Parental Control:

  1. You need support or backup for keeping your children’s Internet experiences safe.

    The Internet is a great place where we can learn and find endless entertainment, but there are a lot of “online predators” and inappropriate content. You can have many conversations with your children about Internet safety and they still might make mistakes or venture into risky situations. Educating them on how to use the Internet in a safe way is important, but it’s just as important to make sure you have a system in place to act as a second set of eyes.

  2. Your child is using multiple devices and/or browsers to access the Internet.

    Monitoring your child’s Internet usage used to be as easy as keeping the family PC in a centralized location in the house. These days, children are issued tablets for school, have their own smartphones, and are able to take their laptops anywhere with them. It’s going to be difficult for parents to manage all of these devices and keep track of which browser their child is using on any of them.

    Managing the settings on multiple browsers can be tricky and if you have an older child, odds are that they already know how to bypass or disable those settings. A parental control software can eliminate this issue as it will apply settings to all devices and browsers, controlled by the parent.

  3. You’re unable to continually monitor your child’s activity.

    No matter how diligent you are, there will be times when your child has access to the Internet in your absence. Whether it’s the time between school and when you return from work or the hour you’re occupied making dinner, you can’t be everywhere at once. Parental control software is especially helpful for those with multiple children as they can monitor your child’s Internet activity and browsing as well as alert you when restricted sites are accessed.

  4. You’re afraid of a virus or malware attack.

    As much as you communicate with your children and have great security on your computer, there is always the chance that your child may stumble into malware. If you have a younger child, the chances are greater that they may happen upon a warning page, yet continue to click through. Parental control software helps filter out sites that are inappropriate and often have malware attached, ready to attack.

  5. You have an older child who is able to navigate device and browser settings.

    Older children frequently will become increasingly tech savvy, often surpassing your own knowledge. Parental control software can step in, when your child has discovered how to get around device and browser settings, by continuing to filter out content you consider inappropriate for your child’s age.

  6. You need greater control over your child’s mobile devices.

    Keeping up with what your child is doing on their mobile devices all the time is nearly impossible on your own. After-school activities, sleepovers, and school trips are all times when you want your child to have their cell phone with them for safety and security but that also means they are free to do whatever they want with their phones during this time. Even at home, parents cannot look over their child’s shoulder at all times. A parental control software will be on the lookout for your child when you can’t be.

  7. Your family’s schedule makes it difficult to have regular check-in chats on Internet usage rules and expectations.

    It’s incredibly easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day stresses of life and put off an Internet usage check-in chat with your children. Parental control software allows you to easily take a look at the sites your child is frequenting and provides you with reports showing what web pages were blocked. Better still, the best parental control softwares are designed to issue a real-time alert, so parents can take action immediately.

  8. You want to set time limits for devices, but aren’t always there to enforce them.

    The beauty of parental control software is that you can remotely manage as much or as little of your child’s devices as is suitable for your family. Routine is healthy and helpful for children and this software can help you schedule times for Internet usage or allow you to allot a specific number of hours of usage per day. When time is up, Internet access stops.

Parents have a huge job of trying to keep their children safe while simultaneously giving them space to grow. As technology advances and we all spend more time on our devices, customizable parental control software is a great tool for parents to add to their arsenal.

Finding the best parental control software for your family can be an added layer of protection and alleviate some of the worries that parents have while their children are online.  If you’re still on the fence about whether or not your family needs a parental control software, consider these reasons and just how much time your kids spend online.