Pause button with timer

  • 11 August 2017
  • 2 replies

It would be great if you could pause Webroot for an hour or two. Game patches sometimes need multiple connections and the allow app option is not enough. I have noticed a huge difference in download speed between allowed through firewall and just shutdown Webroot. I love your app. Please add a pause button with timer for game patches and downloads.

2 replies

Thanks for the suggestion, but I find it difficult to agree with this one.
To my mind temporary shutdown of AV protection, if and when deemed necessary, should be done for as short a time as possible. What is the problem with simply shutting down Webroot protection (right click Webroot taskbar icon) and then turning it on again immediately download and install is complete??
Also, adding an option to pause AV protection makes it appear a somewhat trivial thing to do—which it is most definitely NOT.
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Complete agree with you on this one, Muddy7...shutting down WRSA even for a little while is somewhat risky, and whilst we sometimes recommend this to some users who are particularly hard pressed re. a download activity...making it easy to do would just like a 'welcome' sign to reducing one's protection. 
Absolutely NOT to be pursued in my humble opinion.