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  • 2 October 2012
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It would be nice to have an ability to purchase Webroot products using PayPal.

18 replies

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It would be a useful method of payment, and might make it easier for some.
It's true. Payment for license via paypal facilitate purchases. Please consider this
The only reason that prevents me from using the brilliant WSA is a problem with the purchase of a license.
I'm form Poland and purchase with a credit card number is not possible in my case 😞 :(

If it was PayPal I could renew the license every year for the next 100 years 🙂
Dear Webroot, please create a shopping  possibility with payments via PayPal
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Thanks for all the great comments! We don't offer PayPal outside of the U.S. right now, but we are working on some additional payment options for our global fans. Stay tuned! I'm also passing along the comments to our development team.
Hi guys! It's a great idea! Shopping online with PayPal payment option are fast and less cumbersome
than traditional money transfers, especially since not all banks are able to effectively implement international payments.
Also buying a license for Webroot software in online stores, which allow payment via PayPal, is not easy - You have added additional time and shipping costs, eg from the USA to Europe.
Dear Webroot Team, payment via PayPal would be a great move, because it will allow users worldwide to easily purchase your brilliant programs. I am looking forward to this moment, to order a license for WSA! 🙂
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Glad to see alternative payment options are being considered for those outside of the US. Keep us posted, CatB.
Well, I have a problem with having paypal as an option, unless it is my option to pay from paypal, and not have Webroot go in prior to my last day of my subscription and just take the money. It happened, and I am not happy. I am usually very careful not to sign anything saying a payment can be drawn from my account anywhere, without my say so. I now show I have something like 375 or 374 days online, and my program says I have 10 days left. I  have even wondered if someone hacked my paypal account.. Tomorrow, I will have to contact everyone and their brother to fix this. I needed the money that supposedly came out of my account. Paypal is wonderful if you have control of it. Otherwise not so much.
Hi CatB! :D
Are there any preliminary findings on new, alternative payment methods?
Will it be possible to purchase licenses via PayPal?
When can we expect any solution? 
Please let us know what is going on in this matter :D

With greetings,


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Still no news about PayPal option 😞
Why is it taking so long?
Dear Webroot Team are you gonna make a possibility of buying WSA via PayPal for your clients or not??:(
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PayPal is now available for new purchases if using any of these versions of the website: US, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Ireland/Europe, New Zealand, and South Africa.  It should be available for Australia, United Kingdom, and Japan around January if all goes as planned.  It's not available for renewals yet unfortunately, but in the short term, you could buy a new licnese instead of renewing, and support can swap your account over for you if PayPal is a deciding factor in your choice to renew or not.
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PayPal is now available in the cart in all locations for which we are marketing to and that PayPal supports.
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Weird. I am trying to make an order using US website and there is no PayPal option...
Ive just checked the US cart and the Paypal option is there. Once you add your initial details on the first screen click continue , scroll down to payment options - There is a box for selecting PayPal or credit cards.
Once you select PayPal you log-in to your account
VP Worldwide Consumer Business
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Nope. There is no checkbox. Maybe is because im filling up the form with my address in The Netherlands?
I have just filled up the form with fake US data and... there it is! PayPal!
You guys must be kidding. I cannot take an advantage of promos etc. offered by Your official store because I'm not an US resident?
Do I need to provide fake data to complete the order...? Please be serious.
Why other vendors can implement PP payment option the proper way and You don't!? Where is the problem?
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Pablozi, we're sorry for the trouble with the purchase.  The reason for this is most likely that either Paypal isn't supported by Paypal itself in your region or it's because there is no active marketing effort from Webroot into that region.  I believe you have said before that you're in the Netherlands.  Is that correct?  I'll look into this further when we receive confirmation of your region.  Please also provide the link you're using for the online cart so we can be certain as to which site you're at.
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Yes I'm in The Netherlands. The link that I'm using is: I really don't understand why it is such a big deal to allow everyone to buy Your products using PP? Marketing efforts should be worldwide 🙂
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I was able to reproduce the issue, and as far as I'm aware, that should be working for you.  For the moment, it would be best to contact support to process the transaction.  We'll continue investigating and follow up.