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  • 2 February 2013
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Having been involved with this issue on other sites, I can say that the ability to incorporate a personal avatar (instead of a stock image) is a simple and worthwhile improvement.  A simple browse feature that allows the community member to select his or her own personal image should be incorporated into the Webroot Community.
I am aware that a select few are currently able to choose their own avatar on this site, but it is not clear to me why this option is so restrictive.

15 replies

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The ability of choosing a personal avatar, instead of one of the stock images, is tied to Community Rank.  Take a look at https:///t5/Community-Announcements/Announcing-the-Webroot-VIP-Program/td-p/20652  It would appear once we get to "Community Guide" that we receive the ability.
That is not so very high a level to attain here.. It won't be long and you will have it opened for you!
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Why tie it to community rank?  What's the reason behind that?  The idea is to encourage new members, not to limit this function to an exclusive club.  You need to personalize the site if you want to attract new members.
This, coming from a lowly "frequent voice."  😠
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Nothing lowly about being a frequent voice.. I am one too  :D
I think the idea behind tying it to the rank is to prevent a brand new member who has nothing in mind but disruptive spamming from using an inappropriate image.  Someone signing up for the purpose of making only a few disruptive posts is not likely to reach the level of Community Guide.
While they do not have a listing of how to get to that Community Guide level, I have a feeling that you and I are both getting close to it, so it is not all that difficult to achieve.  But a person does have to be more than a One Post or One Topic Wonder to be able to receive it.
Example of a disruptive post who should not have avatar permission.  The post in Community Announcements at the moment... I myself am glad that poster does not have the ability to pick an avatar, and I strongly suspect they never will.
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David, I have dealt with disruptive people on many sites and it is an easy fix.  Block them!  Ban them!
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Yes, obviously that will be done, but in the meantime before a MOD is around to do that, the person would have an avatar that is not appropriate.
 I don't mind a relatively short wait to choose an avatar of my own.  It is just a small token to show that the user is someone who is more likely to remain active and productive instead of being someone here jsut for a single thread.
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This has been a problem that every major site faces.  There is an option to report inappropriate conduct, and it should be used.  Typically, on larger sites, there is a mod on call who is available to promptly address the issue of an inappropriate post or an inappropriate avatar.
Of course, nothing is 100%, but, hopefully, you can keep disruptive conduct to a  minimum and address it promptly.
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David's response is right. There can sometimes be a noticeable gap between inappropriate content being posted and our ability to moderate that content off. At present, such content is limited to links and spam. While we could ultimately moderate off any inappropriate images, some damage could already be done. As a family-friendly site, we want to both allow our members to express themselves with custom avatars and also protect the community from troublemaker types who might use a pornographic or otherwise inappropriate image.You probably won't be a Frequent Voice for much longer either. 😉
I agree with this Idea, though I understand the moderation problems, perhaps the ability to custom avatars can be lowered to frequent voice instead to have it available to more users but still protect from trolls and troublemakers who user inappropriate images.
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After further thought, I agree with BoerenkoolMetWo.  The avatar feature should be made available to those attaining Frequent Voice stature.
Having recently changed my avatar and personalized it, I like to feel it gives me a closer connection with this site and also opens up communication between members.  As an example, I recently changed my avatar to a picture of my two greyhounds.  Pegas picked up on this, and, as  result, we have had an interesting discussion through the PM feature about our respective love of animals.
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That's correct RWM and I second your and BoerenkoolMetWo view.
Not only posts but also avatars can actually draw attention of others. BTW, pegas nickname accompanies me actually since I was born because so grandmother called me. Unfortunatelly she already passed away and in her honour I am using this nickname since then. Out of curiosity, my nickname comes from the Greek mythology. Therefore the winged horse pictured in my avatar ;)
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JimM, I know you've "closed" this topic, but perhaps you should revisit the decision and consider changing the custom avatar threshold to that of "Frequent Voice."
I think this proposal addresses your concerns.
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This is a great discussion, and you have a very good point. We'll look at probably lowering the rank requirement for a custom avatar to Frequent Voice. However, we'll need to find a new reward for Community Guides though. There are a couple of good ideas that have been floating around in other threads that could fill that gap. 😉 We'll update again when this change is made final.
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Of course Community Guides still get bypass Image Moderation and the screen cleaner (Which I love by the way.. very handy).  I would not complain if something is added to replace the avatar move, but I don't think anyone will complain if nothing is added either.
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Thanks, Jim.  😃
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Members at Frequent Voice rank can now use uploaded and externally hosted avatars. 🙂 Please see Anna's post here for more information.