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  • 17 March 2013
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There is an article regarding How To Deactivate Endpoints, and how to How To Reactivate a PC, but there is not yet an article on how to Deactivate a consumer PC.  Can such an article be added for easy reference?
How To Deactivate a PC:
Log into your Account Console using an Admin login.
In the main Console screen, select PC Security"

Select the PC you want to deactivate:

Select the Commands Tab:

Select Deactivate:

Confirm the Deactivation:

In the event you have Deactivated the wrong computer, or changed your mind, you can Reactivate the PC

5 replies

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I forgot to add the following:
This will deactivate the PC from your Console, free up the license seat, and it will also Uninstall WSA from the device specified at the next time that device checks in.
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Creating a TKB out of this information is now on my to-do list. Thanks for the helpful post!
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The idea was really Maurizio's, I just compiled the screen shots for it.
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Thanks David and Maurizio! This is now a knowledgebase article:
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Thanks Jim!