Polish localization

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I would like to see WSA available in my mother language: Polish.
I think it could be a nice idea since WSA is getting more popular in Poland.

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... and support in PL
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Hey pablozi - We are working hard on creating localized versions of WSA right now in many languages. A date for a Polish product has not yet been released, but we'll update this Idea with a status of "In Process" when we are working on it.
Webroot with Polish language - great idea!!!
And please, give us a chance to purchase Webroot products using PayPal.
PL language in WSA would be great  !:)
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Any news about polish localization? Can we espect it in nearest future?
Great Idea! 
I can help in translation.
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Is there anything new?
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There is a prioritization meeting going on later today.  I'm not sure if this idea is going to be taken up or not, but we are mindful the number of kudos has been steadily accumulating on this idea.  We'll update the thread again as soon as we know more.
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This is the wrong approach.
In Poland, only the English language in the package IS/AV is still a barrier. This braking action for sale on the market of 38 million people.
(for example Dutch 16 mln people)
Hi Webroot! 
Is there anything new?
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The idea is certainly gaining momentum, but at the moment there are some other things that have taken priority.  The next time(s) this will be reviewed again will probably be on a quarterly basis.  ASG, it's not just the packaging that needs to be looked at.  Development work would need to be done to address any possible localization issues.
bardzo czekamy na Polsk? wersj?, my u?ytkownicy DOMOWI!
We are waiting for PL version.
This forum is popular not enough, I have received link from friend, we wait for polish version! 
Yea, we are waiting for polish version, especially for buisness use
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This one is still under consideration by the dev team, pending more data about demand for a Polish version.
Any news in here? 😉 Nic?
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Not that I've heard.
Thank you for fast answ 😉
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We appreciate your suggestion and have taken it into consideration. At this time we are not adding additional languages, but we will resurface this request if that changes. Thank you!