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  • 13 August 2013
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It'd be great if the usual posting extras like 'bold', 'emoticon', 'insert/edit link', 'text color', etc. were available under 'Rich Text' in Idea replies.

5 replies

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Amit, that's already there for replies.
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Ah finally worked out the reason. The rich text extras are blocked by both Firefox and Internet Explorer because the rich text extras are the graphical content which is streamed in via a method that does not support HTTPS. Allowing the HTTP content also shows the rich text extras in Internet Explorer. In Firefox it still doesn't work as the mixed content blocker only notifies when visiting the Community Home page and only allows HTTP content on that page.
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No Amit, I'm seeing those in both Firefox and IE.  More likely, this has to do with your use of NoScript.
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Have reset Firefox (removing NS still leaves some settings) and it's showing again. Since you'vef ixed the content stream Firefox mixed content blocker is not warning anymore. IE is also not warning about insecure content. So everything is fine now. Thanks Jim.:)
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Looks like this has been resolved and implemented, should be all set.