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I am a computer repair technician, I do mainly remote support but I do fix the occasional computer for friends and family members and a recovery boot CD is a Godsend. for virus removals I have an AVG and a Kaspersky rescue CD that I will boot the computer from when a virus prevents me from getting into windows. I've been able to sell people on Kaspersky and on Bitdefender after removing viruses that their free McAfee didn't catch, due to using their free removal tools to clean up their PCs. I think Webroot could do well to offer the same thing, like "Let us show you how good our product is at removing viruses, and perhaps you will buy our solution for continuous protection" Just my 2 bucks...
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We do have a bootable repair CD that we use sometimes to repair PC`s. Its not used that often but it can be a real help if Windows has decided its had enough 🙂
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We have decided that this is not a market we have any desire to enter at this time. Webroot SecureAnywhere protects systems so that there is no need to use such a recovery CD. Webroot is a cloud-based system, and a recovery CD would likely entail creating a version which is intended for offline use. There are also licensing concerns in providing a bootable USB drive that can be used on a multitude of computers. For the time being, we are going to focus on improving our existing product offerings.
Rescue disc/flash drive please! This is the only disappointment I have with Webroot
Hi @ can you explain what you think Webroot would uniquely bring to the table when there are other vendors with free, proven solutions?
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The whole point of my idea was so we did not have to use use other makes on antivirus products to clean offline machines. Not all my computers are online, so an internet connected boot CD is not an option.
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Well, whatever the motivation behind your idea...the feature suggested does not currently fit in with the design approach/philosophy of the Development Lead/Team...and there is not much that we can do about that.


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