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add an option in webroot accout which gives subscription reward for reffering friends to use webroot

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Actually we already have that!
sorry but i'm talking about this feature
the affiliates feature allow us to share paid version of webroot & when someone buy it we get reward.
i'm requesting a feature of reffering friends for testing a free version of webroot.
just like avast, they are giving a 1 year premium license when we reffer 7 friends to use avast free antivirus. 
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Ah that makes sense - I don't know if we'd considered a referral for trials or not, but I'll pass the idea along.
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As far as free trials go, I think you should consider treating people as "new" customers after a certain period of time, sort of how cellphone companies do. I think that with them, it may be somewhere around 3 months. I often will try a software title, and if I remove it, it doesn't mean that I've given up on it, but instead I'd like to be able to try it again in about 6months to a year to see if any issues I had with it have been resolved. If nothing else, it would at least be nice be able to play around with a copy installed on a publically available VM, just to see the features available. In fact, this could be better than having to go through the entire install and configuration process.
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Thank you for the idea, although we're not looking to implement this, at this time.


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