Release Version Number & Beta Version Number Post.

  • 7 April 2012
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It would be nice to post a "Closed Sticky" on the forum that only the Moderators can change when updated on the following:
1. Current Release Version Number
2. Current Beta Version Number.

7 replies

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Received answer on Wilder's Security Forum, this idea may not be possible.
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With a number of versions of basically the same software available, I can see the difficulty. The beauty though is that when updates are released, these are pushed to client machines automatically and silently. Often we're not aware it's occurred!
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I think a beta forum here would be great!
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I think this idea is more than "under consideration" now since we have a dedicated 'Release Notes' forum (
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We do, but it's not for the beta.  So this idea is about half-implemented.  There have been a lot of discussions lately about creating a beta forum for the by-invite beta testers, but it's quite literally still "under consideration."  😉
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I like this idea, and would love to see it implemented.
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Thank you for this idea, we do offer the product release bulletins and there are threads in the beta forums for those wishing to check current release version number, as well as current beta version number.