Remote commands

  • 23 June 2013
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Thanks to @ for this thread:D
It could be nice for me to can stop my remote PC with a remote command. Actually if you send a stop command, the PC will stop only when there's a new event.

4 replies

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I like the idea. 🙂
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I am not sure if this is really technologically easy to implement, but having a "push" instead of "pull" system would make the remote commands more useful.  
I do realize that remote commands sent to a phone are done by using the phone number, which never changes.
 For the PC commands to work by "push", there would need to be some way of the Webroot Console commands to know the IP address of the target computer.  This is made a bit difficult as this can change.
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I hope that it will be possible;)
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There are certain architectural limitations that come into play for a request like this. What would need to happen, as David points out, is that the model would have to be changed from a "pull" model to a "push" model. That would require a major developmental undertaking, which would be likely to introduce new kinds of problems in place of the old ones associated with a "pull" model. At this time, there are no plans to implement a "push" model, but if we ever do consider it, we will keep this request in mind.