Remove System Analyzer from all products and just leave it as a standalone downloadable app.

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With so many users questioning the results of System Analyzer over the years I would like to make a suggestion to remove it from all products and use the link to download and install the standalone version if a users wants to use it. I'm sorry but I find System Analyzer a useless tool and gives users a false sense of performance of there systems.
Please and Thank You.

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Totally agree with you Daniel for the Tool being useless.
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Hi Webrooters,
I agree everyone ?!:D
You must have been reading my mind, Daniel. After answering a post last night regarding SA, I too have come to beleive that it is useless and should probably go the way of the "Windows Experience Index". Kudos! ;)
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Personally I am not so sure. Yes, it does cause a number of questions and it is not what one would call front line in comparison with dedicated apps in that space...but it would be interesting to find out how many do actually find it useful/use it even in a small way.
Just my halfpenny's worth...for what it is worth.
I totally agree that this needs to be removed. There are several specialized tools out there that are really good analyzes and optimizers
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I agree, with preceding comments, that the tool is useless....and is a hindrance!
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I agree, it is something I do not use, just preferring to use another specilised program.
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But even if it is a stand alone wouldn't users still have the same issues? Maybe I don't understand the effect of removing it from all products. Just a thought.
As Baldrick suggested, (albeit not verbatim) maybe Webroot could do a survey of all users via email to see the response?
Why have I only just noticed this Ideas Exchange suggestion? Shows how much (or little, rather) I follow this Forum!
Neither as a standalone nor as an integrated part of Complete do I wish to see it. As Tarnak says: "the tool is useless....and is a hindrance!"
Get rid of it!!!
Come to speak of it, get rid also of "Personalized Security Report" with its unreliable results!
Both of these products can only serve to lower Webroot's standing in the eyes of its users. Not a good thing that 😠
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Well I don't think they will kill the program. I just received this email. 

In my opinion, with the exception of System Optimizer—successor to Webroot Window Washer—and possibly Backup (but NOT Sync!), the bells and whistles that come with Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus and Complete are flakey and/or suspect and/or unreliable (look, for example, at the three recent threads on Password Manager). Why does Webroot insist on dabbling with these products with the risk of compromising its reputation, instead of just concentrating on what it is supremely good at, i.e. protection against malware?
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Well, that may well be the case for you but personally I have never ever had any major issues with any of those features being discussed. Granted, System Analyzer's inclusion can be questioned on the grounds that it is very much a baseline tool...but in the case of System Optimizer & Backup AND Sync...they should IMHO be left in the product as they are now.
Both good at what they well for me...and I would miss them if WRSA were stripped of them.
So, cannot support the request IF it includes anything other than System Analyzer (which was the focus of the OP).
Regards, Baldrick
Totally agree (see my post again) about System Optimizer and quite possibly Backup as well (I have never really tested it properly but it seemed to work well to the limited extent that I did try it so I see no reason why it shouldn't also be solid—albeit you will understand that I remain a little wary given my experience with Sync as described below)
  • first, as STV0726 from Wilders and I were able to demonstrate to @ (Joe Jaroch, who was in charge of the Backup & Sync development team and who at the time took this issue extremely seriously) in late 2013 to early 2014, and which he was able to fully replicate
  • then late 2014 to early 2015 with @, through protracted Webroot Support correspondence and extensive testing on my computers using my data and using verious different WSA beta and release versions
it was clear that there were very serious problems with Webroot Sync for anybody seriously trying to sync their data between computers with Webroot Sync. Both will be able to remember this, and at any rate it should be properly documented.
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Hi Muddy7
I am not disputing what you saying; all I am saying is that I like many (I believe) have not suffered the issue that you mention re. Backup & Sync...just trying to put some context on the point...a relatively few (as far as I am aware) occurences of an issue does not in my book **bleep** the functionality.
But as I stated not saying that there is not an issue that needs to be sorted...but rather that it is not a reason to drop a very good (IMHO) feature.
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I have never used those extras in WSA. I guess I don't need to be in 'Sync' with my old XP Desktop and recent Surface Book. I just prefer 
to be discrete.  
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I must be the odd one out because I like all the bells and whistles with WSA Complete. I've not had any issues with syncing all 4 of my systems. I also have 2 iPads that do well with Backup & Sync. I like System Optimizer but I agree it would be nice to have a option to download it if one wants to. ;) 
Is that all of your data on your 4 systems, Sherry?
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Hi Muddy! All my back ups are on my systems. I am not sure what you mean by all my data? My Photos and Documents/Files are on my 4 systems...
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"I must be the odd one out because I like all the bells and whistles with WSA Complete. Count me in on that group too @. The only problem I've had with B&S on my Win XP was when WSA was first launched  many many years ago. That was fixed with Webroot Support. I don't use Sync. I just started using Password Manager this year and love it, no problems. Now for Sysyem Analyzer, I find it useless.


So if I understand you correctly, Sherry, you use Backup & Sync not to sync all your data between your different systems but to back up your data. And then you use, perhaps, Sync to sync the odd file but not to sync all your data between your different machines.
Is that correct?
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Yes Muddy you are correct.  ;) 
@ I agree that I could pass on System Analyzer as well. 
OK Sherry. If I understand you correctly, that means that you have tested Webroot Backup and it works well with your machines (which is good to know), but you haven't yet tested Sync apart from syncing the odd file. In which case (but this is only true if I have understood you correctly :8) you can't really say as you say in your previous post: "I've not had any issues with syncing all 4 of my systems".
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Well @, I am not sure what you are setting me up with but I can Sync Folders/Files without an issue on any of my systems. What problems am I suppose to look for or be testing? Sorry but I don't get what you are getting at?