Remove System Analyzer from all products and just leave it as a standalone downloadable app.

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Sorry Sherry, I'm not trying to set you up with anything. I'm just trying to figure out what's actually happening on your side (I honestly am interested to know why we have two somewhat different experiences). So if I understand correctly, you do in fact sync more than the odd file. You are continuously syncing two folders, Anywhere and Alien Wallpaper, containing a number of files (by the way, if that is correct are those files regularly or even sometimes modified?), across your four devices and to date you have witnessed no issues.
If my questions are too intrusive, you can ignore them. But I am genuinely curious to what extent Sync is actually working on other users' computers.
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Oh I am so sorry myself Muddy...I must be a touchy girl today. I apoligize...
I have not modified these files or notice any modifications..I will keep an eye on these and or I can modify them to see if they infact are Syncing? i will delve into this more and see if I am having any issues ok? Your questions are not intrusive at are not a bother one bit. I like checking these things out....not a problem.:D
You're probably not touchy at all, Sherry. I have learnt as I have gone on in life that I am somewhat inelegant in my manner and can be misinterpreted. So it's probably not you at all.
If you really want to test this (but I warn you, I believe you will be dealing with dynamite), then sync all your data folders (My Documents, My Photos, etc) across all your devices, wait until they've all synced (several hours to a couple of days depending on the speed of your internet connection and your computers), and then continue working as normal and see what happens. But I strongly advise you: make sure you have a robust real time backup procedure, e.g. Crashplan, before you embark on this project as you may well be in for a very nasty surprise indeed!
Good luck!!
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Alrighty Muddy,

I will first backup my data then follow those instructions. When I have a chance that is. I’ll let you know what happens. I appreciate the warning. ? I also want to thank you for being interested in all of this. I am not used to having many issues or any with Webroot. ?

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I'll be really interested in what happens (even if it takes a couple of months or more for you to post back). MInd you, how soon you come across problems may depend on how often you modify your files. As far as I remember, first sync of a new file is generally OK. have been warned...!!!
PS. I currently have 14,764 files in 1,819 folders (11Gb) synced through Dropbox and the process is flawless and modifications almost instantaneously synced to other device(s) ("s" in brackets because I currently have only two devices synced with Dropbox). The numbers would have been roughly similar (a little less at the time) with Webroot Sync.
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That's a lot of GB's to be syncing. I'd have to pay for Dropbox but it's nice to know that that is an option.Yes I have been warned. 😉
I'm a freelance English teacher, semi-retired now. I started using Dropbox some time back as a simple way to send my students their vocabulary sound files and other documents, and had the privilege of getting bonus space for each new person I referred to Dropbox ("referrals"). That's why I have so much space available (12.87GB) on Dropbox yet still have a free account.
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Yes Muddy it shows that you are/were an English Teacher. I noticed in Wilders that you were an English Teacher. Which I wish I had some of that education and/or talent. Most all of you guys on the Forum are great writers. It's a pleasure to be around you all. 😉 Now we really are off subject. ...oh well..Dropbox wants $99 a year for me. Yikes! You deserve that bonus space after being a teacher. 🙂
You're not so bad a writer yourself. And I'm not so good as that. Some here are much better than me.
Anyway, as you say we really are OT now so perhaps we'd better stop.
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Ok I long as we both get in trouble for it. LOLs 😉
Keep the System Analyzer in Webroot.  Personally, I use it sometimes when I am having major problems with my computer, it is just another test to click on and see if anything is displayed as a see if it can give me any clue as to what is going wrong with my computer.  I don't see any reason to remove the System Analyzer
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Here a good example of System Analyzer running on a Mac (Mojave). Time Machine up and running but WSA said it's enabled. :@


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Hi Webrooters!
This is what I have on my iMac concerning System Analyzer:

Time Machine is enabled and not showing in System Analyzer:

Personally I like System Analyzer in Webroot on my Mac!
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Thanks @RetiredTripleHelix for reporting the time machine bug in our System Analyzer results. We are looking into it and will have it fixed in our next version update. 
As for the idea of removing System Analyzer from all WSA products is something we looked and do not plan to move in that direction in the near future. 
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