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Remove un-necessary icons from AV

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As AVs get more bloated day by day, I saw a complaint made at Wilder Security with how annoying this ges.
Like I bought WSA AV only because I don't want and ever need a password manager since I use Last Pass, and I have Dropbox so I don't need to backup anything to the cloud.
Why do we have to see these icons: http://i62.tinypic.com/f20mja.png
please remove them and only keep stuff that are relevant to the features of the license installed

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Hmm, I didn't know these shown on the WSA AV version since I've only run WSA Complete. I agree, if it's not offered in the license it shouldn't be shown on the GUI. You have my Kudo for this. 😉
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I agree with the basic argument that it's quite difficult to find a 'pure' 'barebones' AV nowadays.
But it's important to be clear that although you are seeing the options in the GUI (which I agree should be removed), nothing extra has been installed...no password manager or BackUp&Sync...so there is No Bloat at all, and you've got your AV.
Don't you find it runs light, without slowdowns?
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I agree. I only want options and features relevant to my WSA version. I use AV so it's annoying to see options present on the gui to persuade me to buy Complete version. I love WSA and I've chosen the version best fit for the usage. I'm aware of the features available in the Complete version. I don't want reminders in the form of options glued to the gui.
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yes please remove them from the AV only version people bought the AV only for a reason, co they don't want anything else
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Completely disagree with you on that, Maximus...one of the nice things about WSA is that it has many versions and there is little or no change between versions as and when a user upgrades or even downgrades.
I hard class some buttons or tabs on a page as 'bloatware' especially as, there is only one app and depending on the license you have gives yo access to the relevant features...I for one do not want 3 different versions of  the app...that is a recipe for disaster.
Also, as a final thought, how can an app with an installer at circa 847Kb be accused of being bloated?  Does not make sense.  I for one sincerely hope that this feature is NOT implemented.
So absolutely NO support from on this one.  Sorry!
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@  847kb where you get yours from? LOL 745kb as 847kb is to large for me. LOL
Daniel 😉
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Usally they guide you but that a good idea.
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@Please do not stop supporting the core point here. Calling the icons bloatware maybe a little too much and unacceptable. But the icons are nevertheless annoying. I open the gui quite often for mainly checking processes in the Utilites. And there they sit on the main interface, icons which do nothing but give me 'Learn More'. I already know about the features and I don't want the other versions. And average users usually go through the features when buying and if they decide to go for the AV version it's because they see it fit their need best. They wouldn't want icons and options glued to the gui as form of constant reminder that there are other versions which they can consider. I think it's annoying.
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@ ams963 Exactly my point. I did exaggerate WSA is in no way bloated. But the GUI can be much cleaner with only the features that I specifically bought. I as well often check the system control and don't want to see those icons in the way
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@Well I've tried my best to support this wonderful idea. The rest is up to my friends and fellow members to further support this and the Webroot Team to consider implementing the idea. Let's hope for the best.
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Just as a side note I made the same point about the extra buttons when I saw the preview of this current build. In the older grey looking GUI those buttons were hidden. 
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Hello Community!
This was discussed in great detail when releasing WSA 2014.
The company's decision to have these in there when they are not part of your current feature set was to show people that we offer these extra features. This is only in our consumer builds as not everyone is savvy enough (like you folks here) to know about LastPass & Dropbox or alike services. We would like to provide them the option to trial and upgrade to take advantage of such services.
This doesn't sound to be effecting the efficacy or functionality of our product but I have passed this up to the appropriate Product Manager for review.
Thanks all for all your dedication,
Shawn T
Webroot Manager, Product Support
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@ You're right. This doesn't affect the functionality of the product. But it sure causes annoyance. And there's no room for annoyance when so much love from the users float around WSA.Almost everyone at least WSA are acquainted with the terms backup and password managers. And a WSA AV user chose not to go for those features and services by purchasing the AV version. The user made his priority and choice clear. He or she simply needed an effective AV. And doesn't want any more features. Why constantly and somewhat indirectly remind the user that an option to upgrade and take advantage of those services is available?I would ask for a reconsideration of this idea.Best Wishes,ams963
I've had WSA for a few months and while it's proven pretty good compared to other similar products,I have to agree about getting rid of stuff I don't need or want.  
I use Lastpass and have for years now, and even used to get service directly from Joe (Lastpass owner) when they were really small.  
I also have xmarks and lots of stuff in secure notes and want to keep it as it is.  Yet there's no way to turn off WSA password manager or even simply the option to hide it.  Why make items unneeded visible.  I don't need or want the backup option for the same reason, i use a different cloud option.
I don't care if Webroot gives me an option to remove or hide, but i think it's reasonable for us to be able to get rid of features on the console we don't need or want.
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Well at least do what Panda AV Pro does, they put all the extra buttons by default, but the user can right click on unwanted buttons and select hide rather than see them everytime they open the GUI.