Report of Inappropriate Content on Forum (Weekends)

  • 19 November 2012
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The Webroot Team does a great job in deleting inappropriate content of Posts / Threads, however on weekends the community is not staffed with Webroot Employees on Saturdays and leaves an opening for inappropriate Posts not to be deleted in a timely manner. Is it possible for a Webroot Employee or someone with the power to delete posts, peek in on the forum weekends to just delete the inappropriate posts? 

1 reply

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Thanks for the idea, PTD! We fortunately have alerts set up that get sent to Jim and I when you report posts as inappropriate (so keep clicking "Report as Inappropriate" when you see something bad). We get to them as quickly as we can to moderate or remove. Also, Mike mans the Webroot Community on Sundays, so if anything comes up that day, we're covered! Thanks for your concern though. We appreciate it!