Reports to Email in PDF

  • 28 February 2019
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It would be helpful if instead of sending links for email reports, if they were sent in PDF form that can be viewed off the internet.

4 replies

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I would add that PDF would be a great format. However, it would be nice if we had a choice in format. Formats would include PDF, I would also suggest a properly formatted CSV, although you could use XLSX, and a photo format like PNG or JPG.

The reason for the different formats is because we may need to use the reports in different ways. PDF gives us the report in a printable form that we can use as is. A CSV, or XLSX, gives us raw data that we can use for data mining. However, if these aren't exported from your system properly, they can be useless to us when we try to import them into a program like Excel, Access, or SQL. We can use a photo format, like PNG or JPG, to insert into a larger report or presentation. I suggest a PNG that has a transparent background to give us the most flexibility.
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Interesting idea, although for the time being we are not looking to implement PDF attachments for the personalized security report. Thank you for taking the time to write this request!
I fully agree with the author of this topic. I'm also waiting for the function to work with viewing PDF files.

There is another feature request with this exact title. This really needs tons more votes. The downloads expire after 3 months :(