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  • 2 September 2015
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Hello Community,
With the help of support.  I found Webroot Reputation Toolbar.
In Chrome Reputation Toolbar is a definite keeper.  Really, was a wow in my book.
In Firefox Reputation Toolbar is not a keeper.  After seeing Chrome's incarnation.  Firefox's toolbar is a let down.
Chrome's Toolbar floats in and out.  Clever as all get out.  Plus Plus +.
Firefox's Toolbar does intrude too much for my senses. 
I imagine if it were possible you would have went with the Chrome version in Firefox too.
Well, if you ever find a way.   I vote for Chrome's featured Reputation Toolbar. 
And would enjoy similiar functions in Firefox.
Thanks ~  newbie to Webroot.   Already, a loyal fan.  

27 replies

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Can you please elaborate on this for us?

There is a filtering extension in both Chrome and Firefox. The toolbar is in regards to the password manager.


James G.
? firefox as a addon toolbar with webroot if i remeber correctly. i could be wrong as not used firefox for long time.
Hello JamesG,
No specifically the Webroot Reputation Toolbar. 
Not the Filtering Extension nor the Password Manager. 
Webroot Reputation Toolbar.   It's link'd to BrightCloud. 
Available via Chrome webstore and Firefox channel. 
I'll try posting links but, not sure that's allowed. 
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The reputation toolbar, as I recall, is essentially a legacy product and no longer in use or supported.  ? ? ? can you help refresh my memory on this item?
I am under the impression that it was the precursor to the Web Filter, and thus no longer needed nor supported.
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? Yes, this has been replaced by the Webroot Filtering Extension.

I am going to go ahead and close this topic now.
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The Webroot Reputation toolbar has been replaced by the Webroot Filtering Extension.

I will forward this to the proper channels to see if we can get this removed to avoid confusion.

James G.
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Thank you ?  I started using Webroot right at the time the Reputation Toolbar was being phased out, and as I recall it was a bit clunky to use.  I tried it since I saw reference to it, but I did not use it long. The current Web Filter solution works far smoother.
Hmm, Reputation Toolbar remains fully functional.
It's still reporting same scores as Filtering Extension. 
BrightCloud thinks Toolbar is supported. 
I submitted sites through the bar just yesterday. 
Interesting.   Not supported and yet functioning. 
Okay.... and supported pointed me to the Toolbar Monday.  Hmmm. 
Toolbar is even signed. 
Well, I'll keep using Toolbar.   Works for me. 
The Filtering Extension throws full page block for phishing.   There's no let me look and not touch.  If I go past block. 
Site goes to URL Whitelist.  
I'd prefer Phishing warning in Toolbar.  So, I don't have to go against global block with local whitelist.
Had a false positive red full page block.   I had to go past block to confirm site is what I know as safe.
Then I had to edit whitelist while BrightCloud corrected site classification. 
How about an option on page block.  To look and I promise not to divulge personal information. 
Firefox throws phishing page block while letting me look and maintains global block.
 I'll whitelist false sites scores and keep Toobar for BrightCloud scrore presentation. 
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Yes the old Toolbar is not supported for over 2 years now since Webroot incorporated BrightCloud extensions in the 2014 Product lines and we Beta testers are testing a Web Filter Driver as well and again only for supported Browsers. So why keep using old tech when it's updated often in WSA?
Daniel 😉
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Hi ?,
So I have the Reputation toolbar in Chrome so I can disable that? Or am I missing something?

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Yes I would delete it!

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Great.... sounds like a plan to me. Thank you!;)
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Also I would remove your Extension as it's outdated and Drag and Drop the new one into the Chrome Extension page or copy and paste and it will ask you if you want to install. Only if you are still on the Beta?

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Alrighty don't miss a thing do you? Thanks Daniel!!:D
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Thank you ? my friend. I had a feeling you would be of far more information on this than I.  Kudo's my friend
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You know me to well! 😃
That's good info to know. I don't use Firefox anymore but if I do I will bare that in mind. Thanks Adam.
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? we are talking about Chrome not Firefox.

TripleHelix 4 hours ago - last edited 4 hours ago https:///t5/ideas/v2/ideapage/blog-id/Ideas/article-id/3379/page/1 Yes the old Toolbar is not supported for over 2 years now since Webroot incorporated BrightCloud extensions in the 2014 Product lines and we Beta testers are testing a Web Filter Driver as well and again only for supported Browsers. So why keep using old tech when it's updated often in WSA?

Website scores / classifications reported by the not supported Toolbar are current BrightCloud data.    Toolbar and Filter Extension info come from current BrightCloud. 
Difference is....Toolbar retains global info even after I local whitelist website.
I'm only running WSA a week and I coming upon wrong classifications and page blocks that are not valid.
You guys are the experts.  I'm just trying to feel my way around. 
and fwiw imo ~ Chrome's Webroot Reputation Toolbar is sweet. 

Filtering Extension is light years ahead of what I used to go by. 
For now.  Toolbar works for me.  I'd used to seeing a URL rating.
You guys may feel compfortable without a URL rating.  I'm not used to a page block that's all or nothing.  Once, I whitelist site.
I lose future BrightCloud for that site because Filtering Extension offers me search scores and site page block.  
Once, I lift page block I lose BrightCloud for that site.  
One of the sites I submitted for review is now showing green search score (from red x) and orange page block remains.   
If I lift page block based upon search score.  Then I lose current and future BrightCloud for this site.
I'm must be missing something.  Looking forward to Web Filter Driver. 
Site that was red then showing green is now back to red....
Most of the time I do not link to sites from search results...
I'm using bookmarks and links from other site and shortcuts...
Landing on a page BrightCloud offers me nothing or page block...
Had another page block this morning.  BrightCloud submission site wouldn't let me submit for review.  Something was Invalid.  After 5 tries.  I gave up. 
have you contacted webroot support ?
Update fwiw
Search results for site renders Catagory: Shopping 92%, Computer and Internet Info 87%, Business and Economy 96%  with Score: 37% trustworthy
Landing on site I get page block and...
Toolbar renders 92, Computer and Internet Security, Business and Economy. 
Toolbar is reporting BrightCloud catagory average of 87% + 96%
and page block reflects 37% trustworthy
Suspicious threat:This is a suspicious site. There is a higher than average probability that you will be exposed to malicious links or payloads.
<higher than average probability> based upon ?
Trustworthy sounds like historical telemetry/feedback vs. real time site scan. 
Low reputaion score based upon subjective possibly biased reports. 
Sounds like WOT

prince1011 3m ago have you contacted webroot support ?
regarding ?
Support pointed me to Reputation Toolbar and Support pointed me to Ideas Exchange.
I've exchanged a few emails with BrightCloud.
Not looking to upset anyones apple cart.
Just trying to grasp what's up.
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?  Please note all posts in this thread, including the status.  Webroot Support cannot help with Repuation Toolbar issues as the toolbar is no longer updated or supported.
? I do not understand why you keep on regarding this topic.  While the toolbar might function, Webroot did 'connect' it to Brightcloud while they were working to bring out the Web Filter, it is not supported, not updated and no problems with it can be fixed.  As ? noted, the Idea is closed and it makes no sense to continue here other than to totally confuse other new Webroot Community users making them think there is something they are missing.  
This Idea and topic should not be getting any further replies as it is a moot topic.
open a support ticket mate im sure they can help you one way or another. sorry that i cant help you only webroot support with this issue but it been rename webfilter now.