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Reset Button for the Firewall

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I would like to see a reset button for the Firewall Network Applications to remove all of the listed connections.
Reason: To remove them now it's so hard if you have many in the case before v8.0.2.96 when there was a glich it added many processes that didn't need internet access.

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I second this idea. There is no other way to reset firewall than reinstalling of WSA what is quite annoying. So a reset button is really welcome.
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Great idea TH. I would like to see this idea added also. 😉
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Although we are unable to fulfill this request right away, the idea will be deferred for future re-evaluation. Thanks for the suggestion!
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Update: We are planning UI changes as part of our 2014 release and this request is under active consideration for inclusion as part of these changes.  Once we make a final determination either way, we will provide an update here.  So please check back.  Thanks!


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