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Right click scan option for Mac

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I have just moved over from PC to MAc and see Right CLick option to scan a folder is missing?
I did search the forums and see that you have chosen not to implement?
Right now I'm still waiting after over 2 hours for a scan to completely scan the NAS where my Internet download folder resides as there are no Right Click options on Mac.
Could we have that please?

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Hello toomanybarts
I will Kudo this post as I have a Mac and I would like the ability tio right click Scan with Webroot as well!:D
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Thank you @ for the Right Click Scan idea on the Mac. You have my Kudo on this. 😃
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5 months on, no closer to a fix. Disappointed. 
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Hi toomanybarts
This has nothing to do with issues and therefore fixes, rather ideas for enhancements and their adoption or not into the product.
So you will be disappointed a long time if you are expecting a fix 😉 as there will never be one...but there may be a change/incorporation of the original idea...if the Development Team deem it worthy/in line with their roadmap for the Mac version.
And only time will tell.
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5 months tells me all I need to know : look for anther virus checker!  :)
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Well, if that is what makes you change AM/IS/AV then that is your perogative...perosnally I change mine if it is not providing the best protection...and whether it has a right click option or not is not really a major consideration in my book.
But as I is your perogative to decide as to which AV/AM/IS you wish to use.
I asked abut this over a year ago. The abilty to selectively scan a file/directory or a group of files
is really a neceessity. 
I wonder why they refuse to do something about it? It can't be that hard, a unix/mac file system is easier
to play with than windows.
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Seems to be too much time spent internal back-slapping and high-fiving when talking about consumers vs trying to solve their problems. 
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Hi All, 
This feature is in flight. We should be able to make it available with the early next year WSA MAC release. 
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Great news thank you.
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Super great news @,
Thank you to all who are making this happen!:D
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+1 for this, and glad to hear it is in the works. 
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 We are consolidating statuses, so are switching this to the new category for labeling purposes.
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Can’t wait! My current workaround is painful (involves firing up an 8 yr old pc!!)
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Looks like this has been done!!!  THANK YOU!
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Not sure if this is the right place to post - maybe I should raise a new thread?
Right click on shared folder on nas drive only scans top level, not nested folders?
I have to indivually right click on each folder to get Webroot to scan the contents of the various folders.
(Using Synology NAS, Folder is MEDIA, within which I have lots of other folders that each contain files.)
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Hello @
I checked my Mac on the right click scan and it looks like it's working. I have many folders in My Documents. I would submit a Support Ticket or Contact Webroot Support on this problem.



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