Save heuristics settings as per a network

  • 26 January 2013
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I would like to see an option to save the heuristics settings as per a network.
For instance I want to setup strong heuristics settings for Public Network, it means all the heuristics to High and  "Warn when new programs execute that are not trusted". On the other hand for Home/Work Network the heristics settings might be in the default state.
Once saved the heuristics settings for a network, WSA would recognize automatically to which a network I am connected to and would apply the respective heuristics settings.

4 replies

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Wow, thats a good idea Pegas
My thoughts are that the firewall ashould already at maximum when on Public networks so worms should be prevented. Then again, if its a public connection someone could run a captive portal and redirect your browsing to an infected site. This is a cool defense-in-depth idea.
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Kudos to this!
Great idea!
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Although this is admittedly a good idea and likely technically feasible, it is not on any development road map for our product at this time.
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Nevermind 😃. Admittedly only 2 kudos isn't enough to spend resources to implement this idea. Anyway, I do thanks you had considered this option at least.