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SecureAnywhere Mobile: Send location at device turn off or power on

Let's say a thief steals your phone, as phone thiefs tend to do. One of the first things they will do is turn the device off to help keep the product from being tracked, just in case. Once they get home or whever they want to toy with the phone, they will have to turn it back on to try to unlock the device or factory reset it.
Therefore, I would like to see Webroot SecureAnyhere upload the location of the device to the users Webroot account whenever the device is turned on or off. That could potentially be the one difference in locating a stolen device. 

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Hi CoreyI thought that there was already a feature of this type available or at least it was something that the Support Team could access/use. But if that is not the case then sounds like a good idea to me.Regards, Baldrick
I thought I had requested this before, but I couldn't find the it if I did.
I am going from past experience here when someone stole my wife's cell phone a few years ago. It would have been very helpful if the device would have sent the location when it was turned off and back on. 
This idea is nearly 3 months old and is still tagged as "New."
Are the ideas being reviewed anymore?
Would it not be easier if WSA would store the IMEI nr from a smartphone in its online console then when the phone gets stolen the user has to forward its IMEI nr to the police so that can be tracked. There's software around that claims to be able to change that nr but i kind of doubt that since i believe the imei nr is hardcoded in one or another chip and most common phone thugs will be too unsavvy to do that
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Why add to what is held....unless the IMEI can be recorded automatically it is just another piece of information that the use would have to enter and given the size of the number it is likely that many would be entered incorrectly.Better in my opinion to leave as is and have the user deal with providing the IMEI to the relevant authorities as and when required.
? - Can this be reviewed?
My wife had a cell phone stolen years ago, and if Webroot had this feature it would have made catching the parson who stole it much easier.
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Let me check and see with the mobile folks.
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Looking into if this is possible


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