SecureWeb should not cover the alerts area

  • 2 February 2013
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Evidently the SecureWeb browser on the Android application covers the alerts/notifications area of the device.  While this may not be a huge problem, I think it is something that can be improved on.

5 replies

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David I agree but the stock Android browser behaves in the same way. I see a lot of common things between SecureWeb and the stock Android browser. I tend to think that SecureWeb is built on the core of the Android browser.
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Actually, on my phone, the stock browser does not cover the notifications area.  
This ides was https:///t5/Webroot-Mobile-for-Android/anti-virus-without-secureweb/m-p/24360#M1638 yesterday, and it was suggested that someone post it here, so I did.  Maybe different versions of Android have different behaviors on this when it comes to the stock browser.  Mine is old.. 2.1  That also means I have not been able to use the Webroot on my phone for the last several months since Webroot discontinued support for it, but renew time is coming very soon and I will have Webroot back on my phone.
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OK David, yeah I see a high probability the stock browsers differ per Android version. Mine is 2.3.5. Nevertheless SecureWeb should avoid the notification area like Opera Mobile does.
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My older phone is my first smart phone... and I REALLY am looking forward to upgrade time LOL.  I miss Webroot, and I am not able to move apps to the SD card.  Sigh.  Figured I would post this now so that maybe they will be looking into it by the time I upgrade :)
Thanks for the Kudo!  :D
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The trouble with this is that smaller devices really need that extra real-estate. We would be concerned if we prohibited access to the notifications area. However, we are not prohibiting access, but rather just necessitating pulling down the screen to get to it. That's pretty standard for web browsers, as Pegas pointed out below.