Security Code recovery

  • 29 December 2015
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Just spent several hours waiting in line at tech support number to reset my security code.  I had put in a couple of tickets reporting that the code I'd written down wasn't recognized, and the answer I received suggested that I 1) try to remember my original code, and 2) if that failed, call tech support and they would walk me through setting a new one.  I eventually talked with Shawn at tech support, and he took me to a page that had a link to "reset password."  The page it took me to also had the option to reset the security code, but there was no way to know that from the link.  I suggested to Shawn that they change the link to "reset password or security code."  Shawn seemed to think that that was not necessary, that most people would know that you could do either.  Well, I didn't know that.  Shawn seemed to think it was a major undertaking to change the website.  Having built websites myself, I know it is a fairly simple thing, and it would eliminate confusion for others like me.  Please, Webroot, just do this simple thing.  Have a link "forgot password or security code" instead of "forgot password."  It would have made my day (and the days of others, I'm assuming) much easier.  

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