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Hello ,

i have a idea.

make a setting for block suspicious websites.

now many website are suspicious , but webroot do not blocked their . and only show on very small alert near address bar browser , they are suspicious site .

i think good if users can choose which website with how many % dangerous blocked .


Amir Safari Foroshani

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The way it is now I think it's fine, first you can check the site here: and if you want to put in a request for a change:

Safety Annotations in search result + Reputation icon in Menu Bar + BrightCloud lookup page

What is more, if the site is really suspicious a Webroot block page will appear, needing you to make an exception if you want to proceed to that page.

To my mind, that is perfect.
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Thank you for taking the time to write out this suggestion. At this time we are not looking to implement this, although we might in the future.


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