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  • 17 October 2017
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My first experience with Webroot was almost my last. The process of establishing an account went on and on, requesting multiple passwords. I wasted about 10-20 minutes retyping the same information, becoming increasingly intent and **bleep**-retentive, before the interface informed me that my chosen password needed to include at least 3 numeric characters and 6 alpha characters. It was unnecessarily frustrating and, frankly, infuriating. I realize that security is the point, but have some mercy on your subscribers!  For God's sake, if there's a specific format for the passwords, tell us what it is up front, before we waste half an hour typing in something that will never work anyway. Then, in order to prevent the frustration I was feeling, enable us to SEE the password's characters at option, so that if we are mistyping it we can see where the problem is. As it is now, I exhausted my attempts to enter a password fairly quickly. Is anybody surprised?

1 reply

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