Site Wide Scan History Report

When attempting to view scan history for a specific site, I have realized the only what to view this data is per machine and export to .csv   This is far time consuming. I find the data alreay available when you access the individual machine, why is there no report to pull this information?

After reaching out to Webroot support I was told currently the only was to complete this task is to use a third-party application. Steps include: Account Settings > API Access > use a 3rd party application to access raw data.

Please no, this would work MUCH better if we could have a simple report under the REPORTS tab, pulling data from:
Site = (sitename) (Single / Multiple; Multiple sites might make for too large of a report to export to .csv depending on site size)
Machine = (machinename) (Radial / All buttons: select which machines you would like to specify)
Scan Time = (timeframe in which you would like to pull this report from; day/week/month)

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