• 29 April 2017
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There should be a discount for full-time students. For those like me, we work and go to school; books are super expensive, and so are the laptops you need for all of these web-enhanced classes. I know the basic webroot doesn't really cost THAT much, but every penny counts when you are always broke from school, bills, and trying to build a life for yourself. Even just a small discount would be amazing. Perhaps even a discount for those who have stayed with webroot. Thanks for reading. :D 


3 replies

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Interesting idea, Sabrina118811, and a worthy one...but unfortuantely here we deal with functional & product ideas rather than marketing or sales-related ones. Having said that perhaps someone from Webroot will note & pass it one to the appropriate persons in the organisation.
Regards, Baldrick
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The mobile version is currently free. You could consider storing important school-related documents on your cloud storage of choice, which often comes with versioning and/or backups.
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We greatly appreciate your feedback, we do like the idea of adding this however we are not currently looking to implement it.