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Virus notification

  • 14 January 2013
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Recently, I noticed that the webroot icon at the bottom right of my computer screen was grayed out. When I pointed at it, it said "infected." I don't know how long it was grayed out and that is a little scary. It would be better if, when a computer becomes infected with a virus that webroot would automatically open up on the computer screen, notify of a virus and begin an automatic scan to better protect those of us using your product. I hope you make these changes. It will make your product more valuable to the end user.

1 reply

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There are a couple of pieces of information that would help in determining what happened in your particular situation. The agent may have already run a scan and dealt with the threat. The grey and red icon would indicate a threat was found and dealt with. Please reply back with the messaging that appeared on the overview screen when you opened Webroot. I'm following up via the support system to collect a log for further diagnosis as well. Thanks 🙂