Visual notice of running scan in WSA systray icon

  • 28 February 2013
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In fact this is not a new idea because it's already implemented in WSA for Android. I mean the nice small circle spinning around over WSA icon when a scan is running.

Can this visual notice be also implemented to WSA for PC? The reason is that I would like to see directly that a scan is running without a need to hover over WSA icon to see wording "Scanning ....".

6 replies

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I will Kudo this... As lightweight as Webroot is, on an underpowered machine like mine, and with the settings set for quickest scan time ( Max CPU usage), when the scan auto starts the machine gets a little annoyed.  ( I know.. I can change the settings for lower CPU use).  It would be nice to have something visual without the mouseover to verify what is eating up my cycles :S
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I agree, we already have the lock that goes over the sys tray icon when a user is in an HTTPS session, so adding either an icon or small notice should be something we can do.  I'll bring visibility to our SE team about this!
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That's great! Thanks mholley for bringing this idea up to SE team. Keen to see the spinning circle over WSA icon 🙂
Good idea, I currently have it set to show the scan window when it scans, but it's much larger and not in the corner of the screen like with Prevx 3, so it can be annoying sometimes(Not that it wasn't with Px3, I remember it regularly getting the media player out of fullscreen when watching a movie :P) This is a much better solution to be notified and not annoying at all.  If you add something to the systray icon, could you make sure it is in addition to the lock icon?(Meaning that if your banking online and you check if the lock is present while it is scanning that the lock is visible together with the scanning icon or animation.
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Since the icon already provides an indication of ID Shield protection via the the lock symbol, we cannot have it also display Scan status by spinning (you could be scanning and surfing at the same time, right?). Also, since WSA scan times are typically very short, a dynamic indication of scan in progress does not delivery nearly the same value as it would for other, longer scanning, AV products. So we will stick with the static lock symbol, since we believe it provides more valuable information.
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OK, nevermind thanks for the clarification.