Webcam, sound, clipboard and screen protection

  • 13 August 2017
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The purpose of hacking attacks is information. So I'd request privacy hardening such as what SpyShelter does. That way even if the virus is not detected or atleast during the time of infection where it was not caught, it won't be able to steal information.

14 replies

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Hi noblecompass
A lot of the key things that need to be done to protect the user from hacking are already covered by the Identity Protection Shield of WRSA:

Webcam protection maybe not and so is in my view a potential candidate. Sound I am not so sure...and as for 'screen' I am not quite sure what you mean by that...but WRSA does protect against screen grabbing & keylogging, etc.
So I think that apart from a couple of areas; that are marginal in terms threat vectors when compared to the rest, I would say that WRSA already does the business...but that is just my considered ;)
I mean sound capture, it's a critical area if you are chatting with a love one on skype, especially if it involves sensitive information.
By the way, where can I get help if nobody answers me on support?
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Hi noblecompass
As I said in my earlier response..."Sound I am not so sure" and therefore you may be on to something but I suspect that even that may be covered generically by the fact that such applciations are likely to 'trip' WRSA into action.
Perhaps @ may be able to advise as to whether sound-related malware is detected by WRSA? ;)
In terms of "where can I get help if nobody answers me on support"...what sort of help are you looking we may be able to assist her ein the Community...depending  on what ails you?
Having said that do be aware that over the weekend support ticket response times are usually slower than during the week so hopefully you will be contacted very shortly...but if not then let us know (also, do not update your support ticket before Support responds to you as such an update by you will just send the ticket back to the back of the queue).
Regards, Baldrick
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While we would detect malware that includes audio capture functionality, we do not currently have a shield to protect against that. 
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Hi Dan, much obliged for the response & clarification. :D
It all started when someone hired me with promise of a future management position. While working there, I was able to sense someone hacking my phone. Eventually,  I was able to caught them in the act of hacking me multiple times. To make it short, I believed that their modus of operandi is hacking people and the moment I worked there, I was already trapped.
When I left, he hacked my phones, my computer, my internet router, even normal regular phones (non-smartphone) and tablets. I understand that he could hack phones specially if telecom companies don't have strict security policies, but he hacked tablets - even without internet access or wifi! My hunch is that telecom's have technology to track tablets even if they don't have SIM slots. I guess he already hacked deep into the telecom's system. 
I believe webroot has the best tech support, but I detected a virus during the weekend and there was no support that time. By the time I had received it, he already removed his own virus. I know that hackers usually used virus that are normally undetectable by antivirus.
I already tried all the best security practices, and it's all in vain.
What's the best course of action?
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Your best course of action is to Open a Support Ticket, specific to these issues, relay all of this information to the Support Team and see if they can help you as with WRSA installed you should not be this vulnerable to fact what you are describing sounds very far fetched in this day and age, especially the bit about the unconnected best to get the 'professionals' involved here.
Regards, Baldrick
Thanks, By the way, how protected is an android device with webroot? Back in 2015 I think they tested customized malware against it and it bypass all antivirus.
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Am afraid that I would not know as I am not an Android user. Your best bet would be to look for an independat test...but I suspect that no AV/AM/IS will fair particulalrly well against customised malware, which is something that one is very, very unlikely to come across in normal cicumstances. ;)
Baldrick: "but I suspect that no AV/AM/IS will fair particulalrly well against customised malware"
Wouldn't Webroot's monitoring and restricted privileges of unknown processes kick in here?
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Not necessarily if the malware was customised to specifically to attack or do something particular when it encounters WRSA...that is the point of the 'customised' bit. Very specific but also very unusual and therefore not very likely to be encountered in everday activities. ;) 
I'm surprised.
I remember a recent (some months ago) Webroot webinar which pointed out how more and more malware is becoming just once-occurring iterations, thus rendering signature-based AVs as good as useless for aforesaid type of attack. But also pointing out how Webroot's "Unknown" classification for all unknown processes, with monitoring of and severe restriction of access to such executables, potentially provided effective protection against even this kind of attack. Which would have seemed self-evident to me, given Webroot's approach. Am I missing something here??
I'm sure @, with his encyclopaedic knowledge of all relating to Webroot, could direct us to this webinar ;)
EDIT: I take your point when you say "customised to specifically to attack or do something particular when it encounters WRSA" but would not any sophisticated malware try to do this with all the main AVs???
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Yes, it might and I cannot see why one piece of customised malware might not have specific capabilities built in which come into play depending on which main AV/IS/AM it comes across...but it is still customised against the specific AM/IS/AV, which might be to defeat the specific capabilities against unknown malware, etc...nothing is 100%.
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We do not have plans to implement this, at this time. As mentioned in this thread, we do cover a lot of these already. As for sound, it is not something we are currently considering.