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  • 19 July 2013
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In Today's day and age where technology and companies rise and fall almost as fast as a reboot: It would be nice for Webroot to have an easy to access -flashy, alliance page that the community can reference street name programs and systems that are Webroot friendly. Especially with WiFi and portable systems being the desired norm. Educating the community with an easy to get to reference will allow non-techie users know what products are webroot ready. I say flashy, because I want it that easy to find for people who do not visit the webroot site on a regular basis. They need to find it "at a Glance". A list of application and or name look up can also be an alert posting under the given product. What do you think?

3 replies

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This sounds like a good idea on first glance, but I am not sure how easy it would be to actually implement.  I think the task of making a list of ALL compatible programs and services would be such a huge list as to be almost impossible to maintain.
Often, when another item of software is revised or a new version released, what was once fully compatible becomes problematic.  In general, Webroot Support techs and developers are very good about doing anything that can be done to fix compatibility issues as they occur.  
Instead of a list of all Webroot Friendly, how about a listing of currently known incompatibilities to track the progress being made to repair the incompatibilities?
I guess that can work: I am considering those who are not Q&A search orientated. I wonder if that could be put into a flow chart program? Something that the non experienced can just zip to reference. For me its like preventive maintanance: So I would be weighing (the Libra that I am) the amount of time in problem trouble shoot over the time saved by steering to the non problem companies.
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Thank you for this interesting idea. We do not yet have any demand for such documentation mostly due to the fact that our software does not conflict with other AVs or widely used software. If a customer reports a conflict that includes our software we will resolve accordingly. Thank you again for your feedback!