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Webroot and Microsoft Store

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Hello Guys,
I would be interested if anyone likes the sound of WR being available to download and purchase from the Microsoft store. I've seen a nice amount of apps being added to the store. I've even seen some AV being added. Most of them were just download centers, but it acts like a hub anyways. Those hubs seemed like an actual way to bypass the Windows 10 S limitations.  
I personally wouldn't mind it at all, especially for people who use Windows 10 S. Just want to get the community's thoughts on this idea. 

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Hello windrider711,
I don't believe I have welcomed you to the Community Forum. Welcome! ;)
I personally do not see why Webroot should not be in the Microsoft Store.
That would be nice if Microsoft could/would add Webroot as one of their apps. I do not know what it would take for Webroot to put their AV in the Microsoft Store. .. There  probably is alot of regulations, licencing, registering but it is a good idea. IMO 😃
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Thanks for the idea @. We are working with microsoft to understand the processes and requirements for implementing a Universal windows platform app for Webroot. This is definately under consideration i will update as we make some decisions on what direction we want to go.


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