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  • 7 March 2013
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Hi Team Webroot!!
Is Webroot planning on developing its own web browser? I believe that if any organization could develop a serious military strength security browser, Webroot could.

2 replies

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Hello Rob,
Your wish/idea is already half fulfilled. As you may know Webroot has its SecureWeb browser for Android and iOS.
As regards Webroot browser for PC, it's completely different story than for mobile environment and in this view I am in doubts it ever happens. Market is full of browsers. These companies invest a huge sources to further develop their browsers and Webroot spends a huge sources to make browsing safer. That's how the tasks are divided, at least I see it. However I may be mistaken ... 😃
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As Pegas mentioned, the platforms that need their own browser from us (iOS and Android) already have browsers available from Webroot. The other platforms currently supported (PC and MAC), both have the Web Threat Shield and the Identity Shield standing on guard to protect users from any threats originating within a browser. So creating a whole new browser on those platforms would have limited value since the protection is already there in a different way.