Webroot Browser, not an extension or tool, an ACTUAL BROWSER!

  • 22 April 2018
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I really wish you all would CREATE your own BROWSER that works with your anti-virus, password saver, cleaner, shredder, etc. Firefox won't play nice with your password saver; I can't get Edge to do anything, and personally, I just don't care for Chrome. Too invasive. So, come on! Make us our OWN browser to surf the net loaded with ALL our wonderful Webroot Spysweeper goodies that will work flawlessly because the browser was created to work exclusively with them!!!! I know I would feel totally safe using YOUR BROWSER if you made one!!!!

5 replies

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Really think that this is a complete no no as Webroot are in the security app space and not the web browser app space, and there are certainly are a goodly number of alternative browsers out there that all work very well with WRSA extension.
IMHO Webroot should concentrate on WRSA and making sure that it remains the best of breed.
Interesting point as to whether Webroot could scale up the likes of Secure Web...but I suspect that it is built on different technology given that it is for the mobile market rather than the Windows/Mac market.
Sorry, but cannot support this.
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I am the same opinion Baldrick.
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Well they do have there own Browser for Android but not sure about iOS? @
But not sure if they want to do one for PC or Mac?
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Hi @,
The iOS is able  to use Webroot's SecureWeb browser from the Apple Store. I have it on my iPad but one can use it on an iPhone as well.
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I understand! I don't have apple products. What do you all think of the new browser Brave? I'm very curious about it.